How to Beat Oxycontin Addiction

Unfortunately, many people nowadays have problems with OxyContin addictions and similar narcotics. The problem with this drug is that many people actually have troubles understanding how dangerous abusing this narcotic is and what side effects it has. It is not easy to fight addiction, but if you get the necessary professional help, you will be able to fight it and start living like a normal person again. There is nothing to be afraid of because you are not the only one who is going through OxyContin addiction. I have started used this drug because of my chronic muscle pain and fatigue. I was in terrible pain that have prevented me from doing my daily activities in a normal way and I just didn’t know what to do. After I have visited my doctor and found out I suffer from a severe illness of the CNS that manifests in chronic body pain and fatigue. The only way to endure the pain was to use powerful narcotics. Even a pain management specialist couldn’t help me. Shortly after this period of complete desperation, I have found out about OxyContin and started using it.

How OxyContin Tricked Me

When I took my first dose, I felt just wonderful, the pain has gone, and I was finally able to do all the things I couldn’t in the past three weeks. But because of that incredible out-of-this-world sensation, I craved for more, and I just started using more than my prescribed dose. A part of me knew I was making a huge mistake and becoming an addict, but a bigger part of me just keep wanting more and more. I have destroyed myself and all I have done those few weeks was sleeping and taking pills.

Every day my abuse and addiction was worse until I had a near death experience that made me into searching for a drug rehab near me and start treating myself. Thanks to the drug rehabilitation program, I have made it through treatment and got my life back. I was overdosed and survived, but thousands of others were not revived after an overdose. Some deaths were caused just by taking one pill while others follow the prescribed dose, but still overdosed and died. Using OxyContin is just not safe and if you have been using it, you must immediately contact a rehab center and start treating yourself before it is too late.

Drug Rehab Programs

No matter what kind of drug addiction you have, a quality drug rehab program can help you fight your addiction and all the challenges that come with it, and start living again like a normal person. Professionals are aware of your problems and they will treat you gradually until you feel better and able to get back into the society. They will help you get rid of your psychological and physical dependency as well as to cut ties with friends who are still using drugs. If you have a family, think about them. Do you miss them? Would you like to get your life back? If you have a problem please contact a rehab clinic immediately. Also, if you know someone with substance abuse problems, call a professional to come to your aid. Start changing your life today!