Heather Marie Goslinowski, North Miami Beach, Florida

May she rest in peace.

March 20, 1985 - March 24, 2000

Before we heard the hype or even knew what oxycontin was, her life was taken from us, just a few short days after her 15th birthday. She was the ultimate tomboy, the youngest of four daughters that never wanted the constant doting and "babying" she was showered in. She feared nothing and no one. She was nicknamed "G.G.", which was revealed after her death was short for "God's Gift". Her father said that she was God's gift to him to show him how tough a girl really could be. It's so much harder to lose a child, because not only have you lost someone you love, you also lose a future.

 Shortly following her death, two teenagers in the same surrounding neighborhood died. Our family has found solitude in the family of one of the teenagers, constantly asking "what have we done wrong?". We later found out that they all got the pills from the same kid, but without the proper evidence the district attorney was unable to prosecute him. 


A sister.