Kindness Is The Most Important Trait Of A Paramedic

Kind paramedics

Kindness is one of the most important traits required for becoming a paramedic. Anyone who doesn’t naturally feel inclined to help others cannot be a part of this profession.

Kindness of paramedics and EMTs is not limited to their fellow beings only. We hear stories about paramedics rushing in to save animals in distress. They also help to rush injured or sick animals to hospitals.

Read this heart touching story of the person who was shoveling the snow when he had a heart attack. The paramedics not only saved his life by rushing him to hospital but also went back to shovel the snow in front of man’s house. This is the true depiction of kindness and heartfelt compassion that paramedics have for their fellow beings. Read this story at Inspirely:

Man Has A Heart Attack & The Paramedics Who Took Him To Hospital Return To Shovel His Driveway

This is a touching story of how an elderly man in Greenfield, Milwaukee, was shovelling his driveway when he had a sudden cardiac arrest. Luckily he was transported to hospital swiftly by paramedics / firefighters.

But rather than stop there these kind paramedics/firefighters returned to the man’s house and finished shovelling his driveway for him.

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History is full of stories of how paramedics have always helped people around the globe in all kinds of difficult situations. Whether there was an earthquake in a foreign country or a fire in the next street, paramedics always go to great lengths to help people in trouble.

Here is a story by Fiona Simpson at Evening Standard about paramedics being kind to the dog of a patient:

Adorable dog wrapped in blankets by paramedics outside A&E after owner fell ill in north London street

FIONA SIMPSON Wednesday 23 November 2016

A stranded dog was rescued by quick-thinking paramedics when its owner fell ill in the street in north London.

London Ambulance Service staff, based in Harrow, rushed to treat the patient but were left stumped when they discovered the four-legged pet.

The medics told the Standard there was no time to wait for someone to pick up the pooch so they lifted it into the ambulance along with the patient.

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Here is a video by Adam Jacobson about what paramedics feel and go through when they respond to car crashes. The interview was aired at NewsWest 9:

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