Men’s Facial Hair Do’s & Don’ts

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Sporting a beard is arguably the most polarizing grooming choice a guy can make. Whether you wear foot-long facial hair with pride or shave as soon as signs of a 5 o’clock shadow emerge, opportunities are you’ve received feedback on the state of your chin.

However facial hair handles a whole brand-new meaning this month as males let themselves grow in honor of No-Shave November, the non-profit project to promote awareness of men’s cancers.

The objective is to “grow awareness by welcoming our hair, which numerous cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free,” according to the company’s website. You can contribute the money you usually spend on shaving tools to the group to assist fight cancer.


Men’s style trends 2017 – Business Insider

Men will continue to move away from the clipped, faded cuts and more into layered, textured ones in 2017. The scissors will be used more often than the razor, and the products used will allow for movement in the hair instead of weighing it down.

The big bushy beards of the last couple years have given way to neat, trimmed stubble and that trend will continue into 2017. Read more…


Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Is this to recommend that the beard is your only alternative if you wish to wear facial hair? Clearly, no. There are still other relevant and stylish ways of expressing yourself. If you have trouble growing a beard then you might need to add a hair growth product into your routine.

The beard is an excellent choice, first and foremost, if you have the ability to grow one, second of all, if you have the ability to take care of it, and thirdly, if it doesn’t needlessly limit your individual and expert chances. That’s for you to decide. For more information on how to tame a wild beard and keep it healthy visit

However smart, groomed long stubble is likewise in style. Dannon, fashion and charm professional from Like The Yogurt states, “Scruff is everything you want in a guy: hot, confident, fully grown, carefree and mysterious.” Upkeep of your beard is essential and you can see this guide for the very best beard trimmer.

Browse the term “stubble” on Google Trends, and you will see that it is also on an upwards trend. There has actually been stable development for the term from about 2007 onwards, in fact. “Beard stubble” is likewise a trending inquiry, though the beard trend is still a fairly brand-new advancement compared to stubble.

So, scruff is likewise great, as long as it is handled. Make sure to cut routinely and keep it neat. Beard Trends are constantly changing so stay up to date on the latest styles.