On about April 19th 2002 SOMEONE hacked into the old guestbooks and DELETED them. What they deleted was over 500 DEATH and ADDICTION stories relating directly to OXYCONTIN. They also deleted over 100 stories from people who are legitimate patients and most of them need oxycontin for their SEVERE PAIN. I apologize to anyone who took the time to share their stories to HELP warn others. Those guestbooks were somehow a comfort to all who have been affected by this ABUSE epidemic. Please if you are looking for your story then REPOST it. I'm sad to say but by the amount of email I am receiving these guestbook's will rapidly rebuild their SAD tales BUT people need to be warned as to the power of this drug and the deadly consequences when ABUSED.
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Type:Death Story

Date:3/25/2012 8:26:14 PM
I first signed this questbook in 2003 when my son Jason Healey became addicted to Oxycontin. I signed it again in 2004 when I thought he would be cured by the drug suboxone. Then I would sign it again in 2009 when Jason died of a Methadone overdose due to Oxycontin addiction. I battled drugs for 10 years with my son. I tried so hard to help him but in the end he could not save himself. He had promised me on his 24th birthday, 30 Oct 2008 that I didn't have to worry about him, that he didn't want to risk death, so he would not take Oxycontin or Heroin anymore. Oxycontin had led him to Heroin and he had accidentally overdosed and almost died on Heroin in 2006. I still worried for my son because he had relapsed so many times in the past. On 5 Feb 2009 I would get the call that I had so dreaded for all those years. It was worse than I had ever imagined it would be. My beautiful first born and my only 24 year old son was dead. He died of .63 mg of Methadone. He must have thought it was a safer choice but unfortunately for Jason it was just as deadly. It has been 3 years now since Jason was found dead but for me it still seems like yesterday. My life has been forever changed and I will always feel a sense of loss and sadness. Every year I stand before a crowd in Yuba City, CA where my son died and tell my son's story in hopes that someone's child will be saved and that their Mother will never have to feel the pain and the loss that I will feel every day for the rest of my life. If you are suffering from addiction please get help. If you are a parent, loved one, or friend struggling to help someone who is addicted, my heart goes out to you. If you are a parent who has lost a child to overdose my heart especially goes out to you because I know exactly how you feel. Oxycontin was the beginning of the end for my son Jason and for so many others. I served for 24 years in the USAF to protect our country from enemies but I couldn't protect my son from drugs and the drug dealers. There is a WAR going on in this country and it is a WAR on drugs. Our children are dying every day and as parents we all need to join the fight! I will continue to tell Jason's story about the horror of drugs like Oxycontin and Methadone in hopes of saving lives and that one day soon Oxycontin will finally be banned and Methadone will be kept in the Methadone clinics where it belongs instead of being sent home or issued in pill form as prescriptions for pain where it can be abused, sold on the streets, and kill our children. God bless our children, our families, and this country. Sharon Healey, USAF MSgt Retired



Type:Abuse Story

Date:3/10/2012 11:15:35 PM
I sit here and read these stories...I'm so sorry for everyone who had lost a loved one due to oxy. I'm dealing with the addiction myself. My husband of four years is in jail due to his addiction to oxy. We are both 21 years old with a two year old daughter. She is our world and if we don't stop our addiction we could lose our daughter. Our parents were smart enough to step in. I hate this I want to stop . Rehabs around here are either full or cost money. This drug is running my family and life. These stories are scary . How do I save me and my husband . I want help before its too late . My parents think its so easy to quit. They I wasn't born with it ...just stop....I wish I could.I miss putting my daughter to bed waking up to her smile.I want to be her mom again. I start outpatient rehab this week. 5 days a week for a couple hours a day plus parenting classes 3 days aweek . I hate feeling sick when I dont have the pill . Being depressed is even scarier and seeing my daughter just one day a week is killing me. Please pray for me . I need help! God protect me and my family .make me healthy again .amen!



Type:Abuse Story

Date:3/7/2012 9:41:55 PM
I am currently addicted to oxycodone, I take the 30mg Immediate Release pills. I started out snorting halfs (15mg's) at a time probably totally 60mg a day. I kept this routine up for 3 years until a friend of mine started to IV (shoot) them up. I told him that was something I would never do and urged him to stop before he contracted hep, aids, or something of the sort. He was a 17 year old kid at this point and had been snorting oxycodone about the same dose as I was for at least a year, his mother and father were addicted also for at least 5 years that I know of. They would doctor shop and I knew if they ever gave him one he would like it too much and want to keep doing them. That's exactly what ended up happening. So he comes over starts IV'ing the drug at my house, he wasn't doing just 60mg a day anymore he was doing 60mg at once in a syringe up his vein. After about a week my curiosity got to me and I tried IV'ing one. It felt so good and that was the end of snorting them for me and him. My tolerance went through the roof and so did his. Went from 60mg a day up my nose to 120mg at once up my vein. My prescription which used to last me all month started lasting me only a few days to a week if I was lucky. It's like I lost all self control and kept chasing the high. My friend got even more out of control with it than I did. His great grandfather died leaving him a great deal of money (around $450,000), he would spent $300 to $500 at a time 3 to 4 times a day on the street totaling at the very least $1000 to $1500 A DAY. He was putting 8 or 9 pills (around 270mg) at a time in the spoon and in his vein, sometimes claiming that he missed his vein which I know he didn't and would follow it with another 8 or 9 pills. I didn't get up that high, I would do 4-5 (120mg to 150mg) at a time which is still massive. And that's basically all we did all day. Hit the street, hunt pills, find them, do them, nod out for an hour or so, go back out find more pills, do them, nod out... ect, ect. so on. Morning to Night. EVERY day. Once the $450,000 was gone (it didn't take long) we were broke and in a panic. How were we going to keep up our massive habits? We started selling our personal belongings, anything that was worth money went. Soon we were broke and no longer had any possessions, even sold both of our vehicles. We started stealing to keep up our disgusting habit. I lost everything... I was once known by my grandparents as the "good" grandson, as all 3 of my sisters were on methamphetamine for years. I didn't do drugs. I worked, I had my own apartment, my own truck that was paid for. They loved and respected me. Would do anything for me. Now they think I am the biggest piece of crap in the world, I stole $10,000 from them and I'll never have their trust again. Literally as I'm writing this thinking about it I'm crying. It kills me to know that I let myself get in this position. It took me getting arrested to get clean, I sat in jail for a month and went through the withdrawals, it was the worst physical pain I had ever been through. Pure agony for a week, then the mental hell that I'm still dealing with to this day. Once I got out I was scared to death I would get back on them, had to cut all ties with people I used to do pills with, even my buddy who is still addicted, but he's only doing 1 at a time now and practically having to beg and scrounge up money just to buy that considering these pills cost $20 a piece now. I've even heard from people that he's going around ripping people off to feed his habit. I've only been clean now for 3 months 8 days. I still don't feel anywhere near normal. None of my family will have anything to do with me anymore. My life is a living hell, I feel like it's going to take me a lifetime to try and fix everything that I have screwed up. I stay depressed, I can't sleep because once I lay down and close my eyes I start remembering everything, all the bad stuff I did. I haven't known anyone to overdose on oxycodone. They all just messed up their lives really good for it. I can see where if taken right the pills can help people who need it. I don't blame the pill or the pharma company that makes them. I don't think they should be banned, but doctors need to quit being so easy to prescibe them. I'm the only one I can blame for my actions and now I'm paying for it. My advice to anyone looking to try oxycodone as a recreational drug is please don't. It's addictive and if you're not careful you can lose yourself everything and everyone you love in this drug very very easily. I would give anything to go back in time a few years.
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