On about April 19th 2002 SOMEONE hacked into the old guestbooks and DELETED them. What they deleted was over 500 DEATH and ADDICTION stories relating directly to OXYCONTIN. They also deleted over 100 stories from people who are legitimate patients and most of them need oxycontin for their SEVERE PAIN. I apologize to anyone who took the time to share their stories to HELP warn others. Those guestbooks were somehow a comfort to all who have been affected by this ABUSE epidemic. Please if you are looking for your story then REPOST it. I'm sad to say but by the amount of email I am receiving these guestbook's will rapidly rebuild their SAD tales BUT people need to be warned as to the power of this drug and the deadly consequences when ABUSED.
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Name:Michael John Smith



Type:Abuse Story

Date:3/29/2014 10:46:53 PM
I too was told that this drug is "less addictive than percocet". They are the same oxy's are much stronger. As everyone knows. I have Avascular necrosis of the hips. It started with an injury or a medical problem that caused huge ulcers on my legs that lasted six months. It took that long to heal them. I was getting a prescription for percocet it seemed once a week. I have and had a legitimate reason for pain control. The doctors told me after the prednisone I had damaged hips and in need of a replacement. i was told that because I was coming in to the clinic too often. They recommended "oxycontin" for long term pain control. I told them that I had heard bad stories about it. They promised it was far safer than percocet. I told them I will try it. I had used drugs in high school. I had stopped using all drugs at this time though.I started with 20 mg oxy and percocet for breakthrough. By the time I switched to methadone for pain I was using 80 mg and 20 mg breakthrough for pain. This was 6 years later. I never doctor shopped at all. However my prescriptions ran out at the 20 to 21 day mark. I consecutively went to the clinic the next day complaining of higher pain. That the medicine was not working. It wasn't until a foreign looking doctor in charge of my care. Told me he was sending me to a pain doctor, for his recommendation. That doctor put me on methadone for pain. I have to say that my drug seeking behavior has stopped. I often go 31 or 32 days before I need to go get another monthly prescription. I need a hip replacement but I have a kidney and heart problem. I am on dialysis once a week. I cannot have hip replacement surgery at this time. I could have easily died using Oxycontin. I have in my medical chart NO OXYCONTIN PRESCRIPTIONS! I recommend others to do the same. I hope Purdue and other labs quit making that drug!
Name:Kimberly Johnson



Type:Death Story

Date:2/8/2014 6:08:46 PM
In memory of my husband peter,27, husband, father of two, brother, son, friend. He passed on Valentine's day 2007 of oxycontin, xanax, and alcohol. This drug is vicious and should be banned. Please go to the website banoxycontin.com and sign the petition. Rip peter <3



Type:Abuse Story

Date:10/13/2013 12:08:03 PM
By all means, I shouldn`t even be alive today to write here. I was addicted to Oxycontin and Oxycodone. A friend one day had given a me couple of Oxycontin for recreational use and just taking it that one time, I was hooked. It drug me into a full fledged addiction. I did ANYTHING to get the pills. Doctor shopping, complaining of severe pain in my back ( which was false ) but I could convince any doctor to give me a prescription. I also used different pharmacies and told some I did not have insurance. I covered my tracks, and I was meticulous and clever in obtaining this evil drug. At first, I only needed 2-3 to get high, until it got me to a point of popping 10-15 at a time. I drank alcohol when taking these and anti-anxiety drugs as well. it became of VICIOUS CYCLE. When I didn`t have any, it was pure torture. My body ached, my head spun, I could barely function until that next dose ( I started buying this evil dug from a "dealer" until my habit became a $200 dollar a day nightmare. It was like a roller coaster and the only way I could function was when I took the pills. I started having blackouts, shaking and being miserable when I didn`t have my dope. I will tell you....IT IS PURE HELL stopping once you started. I became reclusive, suicidal. I am one of the lucky ones...I did manage to quit on my own, which was the most difficult time in my life. Yes, I should be DEAD. I took such huge doses and drank on them when all it takes for someone else to die is from ONE pill. DON`T RUIN YOUR LIFE. This drug is evil, two friends of mine committed suicide after becoming addicted to this drug. that was a wake up call for me because they died about two weeks apart is all. I knew I had to quit. I`m happy to say I am alcohol and drug free today. I just hope I will save someone else from living in pure hell. Even just one person. DON`T TAKE THIS DRUG !!
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