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  What is the application of pressure sensors in water treatment?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Introduction:China's environmental water treatment industry has developed rapidly in recent years,and the future prospects are broad.
  In water supply and sewage treatment processes,pressure sensors are used to provide important control and monitoring means for system protection and quality assurance.
  Pressure sensor converts pressure(generally the pressure of liquid or gas)into electrical signal output,which can also be used to measure liquid level of static fluid,so it can be used to measure liquid level.
  The sensitive components of pressure sensor mainly consist of silicon cup sensor,silicon oil,isolation diaphragm and air duct.The measured medium pressure P is transmitted to one side of the silicon cup sensor through isolation diaphragm and silicon oil(see figure).The atmospheric reference pressure Po acts on the other side of the silicon cup sensor through air duct.The silicon cup element is a cup-shaped single crystal silicon chip with very thin bottom processing.
  The diaphragm at the bottom of the cup produces elastic deformation with minimal displacement under pressure P and PO.Single crystal silicon is an ideal elastomer.Its deformation is strictly proportional to pressure,and its recovery performance is excellent.
  The four bridge resistors formed by semiconductor diffusion process are arranged in square.When the silicon diaphragm is deformed by pressure,the compressive stress of two resistors on the diagonal line and the tensile stress of two resistors on the diagonal line increase the relative two resistors due to the piezoresistive effect of diffused silicon and decrease the value of two resistors on the diagonal line.
  If a voltage is added to the A-A terminals,there will be a voltage signal output proportional to the P-Po differential voltage between the C-D terminals.