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  Procedure analysis and knowledge explanation of orifice flowmeter:Introduction of Xi'an Huaheng Instrument:Standard orifice flowmeter designed,manufactured and calibrated according to the national standard does not need real-flow calibration.It has high accuracy,simple structure and low manufacturing cost,but the pressure loss is the largest in all standard throttling devices,and it is not suitable for situations requiring low pressure loss.Standard orifice plate is widely used.Petroleum,chemical,metallurgical,electric power and other industries.
  Orifice flowmeter mainly consists of orifice throttle device,three valve groups,differential pressure transmitter,flow accumulator,temperature transmitter and pressure transmitter.
  Orifice plate flowmeter can be widely used in petroleum,chemical industry,natural gas,metallurgy,electric power,pharmaceuticals and other industries,continuous measurement of volume flow or mass flow of various liquids,gases,natural gas and steam.But many people don't know the program analysis of orifice flowmeter.Today I will discuss with you the program analysis of orifice flowmeter.
  1.instantaneous quantity
  Temperature:must be converted to absolute Celsius temperature,i.e.+273.15;
  Pressure:It must be converted to absolute pressure for calculation.That is,surface pressure+atmospheric pressure;
  The compensation calculation is based on the calculation formula,and the data are stored in the register of the PLC.At the same time,monitor on the InTouch screen.
  A scanning rising edge trigger in 2 seconds is used to accumulate,i.e.the compensated flow value(Nm3/h)is converted from 1800 units to the flow value of every 2S.The orifice flowmeter is used to accumulate and sum,and the picture has reset and zero-clearing function.