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  On April 9,Focus Technology issued a performance forecast.The company expects the net profit of shareholders of Listed Companies in January-March 2019 to be 44,824,200-48,410,100,000,with a 25.00%to 35.00%year-on-year change.The average net profit growth rate of environmental protection engineering industry is 20.86%.
  The company made the above forecast based on the following reasons:from January to March 2019,the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in this reporting period increased compared with the same period last year,mainly because of the continuous growth of the company's main business and the steady increase of gross profit rate of major products.In addition,the non-recurring gains and losses of Listed Companies in January-March 2019 are about 5.15 million yuan,mainly due to the influence of government subsidies on the company's performance.From January to March 2018,the non-recurring gains and losses of listed companies were 4.8374 million yuan.Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deduction of recurring profits and losses is expected to increase by 27.89%-39.45%over the same period last year.
  The main business of Focus Technology is to develop,produce and sell instruments and instruments used in environmental monitoring,industrial process analysis,laboratory instruments and other fields.At present,the concentrating technology environmental monitoring system,operation and maintenance,and consultation services have initially formed the comprehensive service capabilities of the whole ecological environment industry chain covering air environmental quality monitoring,air pollution source monitoring,water environment monitoring,water pollution source monitoring,soil monitoring,environmental management,environmental governance and third-party operation and maintenance services.The major business sectors of environmental monitoring have achieved comparative results.Good development.
  With the deepening of environmental governance and the increasing heat of environmental protection,the market capacity of environmental monitoring is increasing.In 2018,the operating income of Focus Technology reached 4.030 billion yuan,an increase of 43.01%year-on-year,the average growth rate of operating income of environmental protection engineering industry was 6.88%,and the net profit of shareholders belonging to listed companies was 603 million yuan,an increase of 34.38%year-on-year.
  Benefiting from the policy deployment,China's environmental monitoring field will be in a rapid development stage for a long time.In 2018,the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the Key Points of Eco-environmental Monitoring Work in 2018.It put forward that we should innovate the system and mechanism of environmental monitoring,strengthen the monitoring and early warning of environmental quality,constantly improve the ecological environment monitoring network of"integration of heaven and earth",comprehensively improve the quality of environmental monitoring data,vigorously promote the development of new monitoring technologies,and speed up the establishment of an independent,and new era ecological environment monitoring system.Give full play to the role of"top pillar"of environmental monitoring,and provide more powerful support and guarantee for the battle of pollution prevention and control.Leading enterprises of environmental monitoring are expected to take part in the construction of ecological environment monitoring network in depth and benefit continuously.