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  What should be paid attention to in the selection of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.will introduce to you:Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in petrochemical and urban gas industry because of its high measurement accuracy,convenient use and wide measurement range.
  Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can be used not only as a measuring instrument for process control,but also as a measuring instrument for trade settlement.In order to ensure the normal operation of the turbine flowmeter,the following problems should be paid attention to in the process of its use:the properties of the measured medium,the selection of caliber,the installation conditions and the maintenance and verification.
  Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has strict requirements on the measured medium
  A.Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters are generally used only for measuring low-viscosity single-phase fluids
  B.Medium fluids measured by intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters should be in turbulent state
  C.At present,most of the bearings of smart electromagnetic flowmeters are spherical bearings,so the cleanliness of the measured media is very high.If there are particle impurities in the medium,the bearing will wear quickly.If there are fiber impurities,they will be wound around the instrument blade,which will affect the normal rotation of the instrument.Effective filters can be installed at the front end of turbine flowmeter in practical application.
  Noticeable Problems in Choosing the Diameter of Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  When choosing the caliber of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter,the working flow of medium should be between 15%and 70%of the flowmeter measurement range.When the measured medium flow rate is less than 15%of the selected flowmeter measurement range,the medium fluid flow rate in the pipeline is slowly in the laminar state,and the flowmeter measurement linearity becomes worse,so it is difficult to achieve the required measurement accuracy.
  When the flow rate in medium condition is more than 70%of the measurement range of the selected flowmeter,the turbine speed will change greatly,which will accelerate the wear of bearings and brackets,and affect the service life of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter.