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      Does orifice flowmeter use correct flow rate and characteristics?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Introduces that the orifice plate flowmeter designed,manufactured and calibrated according to the national standard does not need real-flow calibration,has high accuracy,simple structure and low manufacturing cost,but the pressure loss is the largest in all standard throttling devices,and is not suitable for the situation of low pressure loss.The standard orifice plate is widely used in petroleum,chemical,metallurgical,electric power and other industries.Industry.
      Orifice Flowmeter Uses Correct Flow Velocity
      In order to make the flow measurement accurate enough.For example,the differential pressure produced by orifice plate is erroneous due to the rotation,deviation and eddy current of air flow in front of orifice plate.The easiest way to alleviate these abnormal flows is to extend the length of the pipe,which is why the orifice flowmeter must have a certain straight line before and after.
      It is also related to the shape of abnormal airflow.The length of straight section with 810 diameters at right corner should be used to install orifice plate.The length of straight section is related to the orifice diameter and orifice plate type of flow orifice plate.A straight section of 45 diameters is also required behind the orifice plate.If the abnormal flow is a kind of rotating flow,such as tangential flow velocity when the pipe is turning,the length of the straight line section must be extended to 1520 diameter in order to install the flow orifice.
      The flow of various fluids in the pipeline can be measured with various differential pressure gauges or differential pressure transmitters.The orifice plate flowmeter throttling device includes ring chamber orifice plate.RFLG series orifice plate flowmeter is a differential pressure generating device for measuring flow.Nozzle and so on.The orifice plate flowmeter throttling device matches with differential pressure transmitter,which can measure the flow of liquid,steam and gas.It is widely used in petroleum,chemical,metallurgical,electric power,light industry and other departments.
      When it flows through the throttling device in the pipeline,it fills the pipeline with fluid.The beam will shrink locally at the throttle part of the throttle device,thus increasing the velocity of flow and lowering the static pressure.Pressure drop will occur before and after the throttle part,that is,pressure difference.The larger the flow rate of the medium,the greater the pressure difference between the front and back of the throttle part.So orifice plate flowmeter can measure the flow rate by measuring the pressure difference.This measurement method is based on the law of energy conservation and the law of flow continuity,and can automatically compensate for temperature and pressure.Intelligent throttle device(orifice flowmeter)integrates the functions of flow,temperature and pressure detection.The orifice plate flowmeter adopts advanced computer technology and new technology of micro power consumption.It has strong function,compact structure,simple operation and convenient use.
      Simple and firm,the structure of throttle device is easy to replicate.Stable and reliable performance,long service life,low-cost orifice plate calculation using international standards and processing.
      All single-phase flow can be measured.The orifice flowmeter can be used for a wide range of miscible flow.The standard throttling device can be put into use without real-flow calibration.