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  the construction of first-class undergraduate majors,deciding to implement the"six outstanding and one top-notch"plan in an all-round way and start the"20,000 plan"for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors.From 2019 to 2021,about 10,000 national first-class undergraduate specialty points and 10,000 provincial first-class undergraduate specialty points will be built.
  Among the nearly 20,000 top-ranking undergraduate specialties,there are 148 chemical specialties,158 biological sciences,158 Environmental Sciences and engineering specialties,106 Food Sciences and engineering specialties,56 instrumental specialties,80 pharmaceutical specialties,30 traditional Chinese medicine specialties and 31 biomedical engineering specialties.
  The principle of this"20,000 plan"is as follows:facing all kinds of colleges and universities.To build first-class undergraduate majors in different types of general undergraduate colleges and universities,encourage classified development and characteristic development,and face all majors.It covers all 92 undergraduate majors and carries out the construction of first-class undergraduate majors in different years,highlighting the leading role of demonstration.
  The construction of demonstration undergraduate majors in new disciplines,new medical sciences,new liberal arts will lead universities to optimize their professional structure,promote the quality of professional construction,and promote the formation of a high-level personnel training system,and be divided into"track"construction.Colleges and local universities affiliated to the central government should be allocated to local colleges and universities,and they should be encouraged to support universities in building first-class undergraduate majors in serving the country and regional economic and social development,and implement the"two-step"approach.The first step of the submitted specialty is to be identified as a national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point.The Ministry of Education organizes professional certification and then determines it as a national first-class undergraduate specialty.
  In recent years,although domestic instruments have developed rapidly,the low-grade homogeneous competition,the"crowding out"of bidding and invisible technical barriers abroad still make the current situation of domestic instruments awkward.
  For a long time,imported instruments have occupied the main market in China,distributed in national,provincial,prefectural and municipal laboratories,as well as universities and related enterprises.Industry insiders said that in recent years,there has been a trade deficit between domestic and imported instruments.
  此次,教育部启动一流本科专业建设“双万计划”,建设56个国家级仪器专业,无疑为国产仪器发展注入了一剂“强心剂”。通过设立仪器专业,将为我国培养更多的仪器专业人才,推动国产仪器向高端高质量发展。Recently,the Ministry of Education issued a circular on the implementation of the"20,000 plan"for
  This time,the Ministry of Education launched the"20,000 plan"for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors and 56 national-level instrument majors,which undoubtedly injected a"strong heart"into the development of domestic instruments.Through the establishment of instrument specialty,more instrument professionals will be trained in China,and the development of domestic instruments to high-end and high-quality will be promoted.