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  In order to further enhance the power supply capacity of rural areas in Tianjin,on April 3,2018,Tianjin Electric Power Company of State Grid added new distribution lines and transformers to the joint village of Guanzhuang Town,Jizhou District,which opened the prelude of the"three-year action plan"for upgrading and transforming the rural power grid in Tianjin.
  Vigorously implementing the strategy of Rural Revitalization puts forward higher requirements for rural power grid construction.After a thorough investigation of 3 681 administrative villages and 1.213 million households in Tianjin,Tianjin Electric Power found that the power supply capacity in some areas of rural power grid is insufficient and the quality of power supply needs to be improved.
  It is understood that the"three-year action plan"mainly includes eight key tasks:urban and rural power grid power supply capacity enhancement action,difficult village power supply capacity enhancement action,grid structure optimization action,grid equipment upgrading action,"coal to electricity"supporting grid transformation action,distribution intelligent construction action,service of new energy and diversified load access action,intelligent interactive service system construction.Set action.
  According to reports,by 2020,Tianjin will build a safe and reliable,strong structure,advanced equipment,green low-carbon,friendly and interactive modern rural power grid;completely eliminate the"low voltage,neck jam"and other bottleneck problems,the reliability rate of power supply reaches 99.954%,the average power outage time of users per year does not exceed 4 hours,among which the average power outage time of users in"coal-to-electricity"area does not exceed 2 hours per year.The qualified rate of comprehensive voltage rose to 99.967%,exceeding the national average level;the average distribution capacity of rural households reached the level of urban areas;the proportion of clean energy absorption was 100%;the coverage rate of distribution automation,distribution communication network and intelligent meter reached 100%,and the level of intelligence and informatization reached the advanced level of the whole country.
  In the process of building a smart city,smart meters will bring more intelligent services and help people open a more convenient and comfortable intelligent life.Intelligent meters can not only accurately collect electricity,but also have the functions of bidirectional multi-rate measurement,user control,bidirectional data communication of various data transmission modes,anti-stealing and other intelligent functions.
  After realizing full coverage of intelligent meter,it is no longer necessary for staff to go to the site to read the meter manually,which can avoid many problems caused by misreading and omission of traditional manual meter reading.At the same time,with the development of smart grid,users can monitor their electricity consumption more promptly and quickly,which appliances use the most electricity at home,and how much daily energy consumption of air-conditioning refrigerator will appear on smart meters.Users can take power-saving measures according to their electricity consumption situation,and save the cost of life most likely.