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  The orifice plate flowmeter designed,manufactured and calibrated according to the national standard does not need real-flow calibration.Xi'an Huaheng Instrument introduces that the orifice plate has high accuracy,simple structure and low manufacturing cost,but the pressure loss is the largest in all standard throttling devices,and it is not suitable for situations requiring low pressure loss.The standard orifice plate is widely used in petroleum,chemical,metallurgical,power and other industries.
  Orifice Flowmeter Made in accordance with National Standard and Its Characteristic Requirements
  1.Integrative orifice flowmeter is a differential pressure generating device for measuring flow.It can measure the flow of various fluids in pipeline with various differential pressure meters or differential pressure transmitters.The orifice flowmeter throttling device includes annular orifice plate,nozzle and so on.
  2.Intelligent orifice flowmeter is a new generation flowmeter which integrates flow,temperature and pressure detection functions and can automatically compensate temperature and pressure.The orifice flowmeter adopts advanced computer technology and new micro-power consumption technology.It has the characteristics of strong function,compact structure,simple operation and convenient use.
  Although orifice flowmeter has been applied in many fields because of its unique advantages,there are also the following shortcomings in use:
  1.The repeatability and accuracy of measurement belong to the medium level in the flow sensor.Because of the complex influence of many factors,it is difficult to improve the accuracy.
  2.The range is narrow.Because the discharge coefficient is related to Reynolds number,the general range is only 3:1-4:1.
  3.It is difficult to satisfy the requirement of long straight pipe length.Especially for larger diameter,the problem is more prominent.
  4.Great pressure loss;
  5.The orifice plate guarantees the accuracy by the sharp angle line of the inner hole.Therefore,the sensor is sensitive to corrosion,wear,scaling and dirt.It is difficult to guarantee the long-term accuracy,so it needs to be disassembled and inspected once a year.
  6.Flange connection is easy to cause problems of running,running,dropping and leakage,which greatly increases the maintenance workload.