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  What is the difference between a shock-proof pressure gauge and a shock-proof pressure gauge?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Description:Shock-proof pressure gauge:Shock-proof pressure gauge is based on ordinary pressure gauge,filled with damp liquid and installed with buffer mechanism,to reduce the impact of severe environmental vibration and medium pulse on the instrument,pressure gauge indication is stable and clear.
  Seismic pressure gauge is suitable for severe vibration environment.It can withstand medium pulsation,shock and sudden unloading.Instrument indication is stable and clear.It is widely used in machinery,petroleum,chemical industry,metallurgy,mining,electric power and other departments to measure the pressure of non-corrosive medium for copper and copper alloy.
  Aseismic pressure gauge:Aseismic pressure gauge is composed of sealing gasket,diaphragm group,fork spring,drive indication mechanism and shell.Seismic pressure gauge is mainly suitable for measuring fluctuating pressure,which is widely used in petroleum,chemical industry,machinery,coal,medicine and other industries.For example,for drilling,fracturing and instrumentation used in petroleum production,the instrumentation has the characteristics of anti-blocking.The measured medium can not enter the instrumentation,so it allows the medium to have high viscosity,high particle size and easy solidification,such as mud.
  It can be seen that the working principle and applicable industry of the two are very similar.So they can often be used interchangeably,and even many enterprises introduce them as the same product.