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  Pressure gauge elbow and globe valve introduction?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Introduction:Pressure gauge elbow,also known as pressure gauge buffer or condensation pipe,is used to connect the pressure gauge and pressure gauge measurement equipment or pipe fittings,used to buffer the instantaneous impact of the measured medium on the pressure gauge spring tube,while reducing the temperature of the measured medium,is a device to protect the pressure gauge.
  The forms of pressure gauge condensation rings are O-shaped,U-shaped,etc.The joints are M20*1.5,M14*1.5,G1/2,etc.It is widely used in equipment and process pipeline of beer,beverage,food,paper making,pharmaceutical and decoration industries where fluid pressure is required to be measured.
  Pressure gauge globe valve pressure gauge globe valve:(also known as needle valve)is an important part of the instrument measurement pipeline system,mainly globe valve and ball valve,its function is to open or cut off pipeline access.
  Pressure gauge instrument valve has the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly,tight connection,fire protection,explosion proof,high pressure resistance,good sealing performance,etc.It is an advanced connecting valve in power plant,oil refining,chemical equipment and instrument measurement pipeline.
  Sleeve globe valve has good sealing property and long service life.Even if the sealing surface is damaged,only the fragile parts need to be replaced to continue to use.Valves of this type shall generally be installed horizontally in pipes.