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  The regulation of voltage stabilization compensation for vortex flowmeter is introduced by Xi'an Huaheng Instrument:Why need voltage stabilization compensation for measuring high temperature gas by vortex flowmeter?Because the influence of volume temperature and pressure of gas is relatively large,there will be pressure inside the pipeline when measuring high temperature gas.The volume of gas will expand because of temperature,but the volume of gas will be increased because of pressure.Compression,therefore,in the absence of compensation,the flow rate measured by the vortex flowmeter is quite different from the actual flow rate.
  According to the principle of measurement,our flowmeter can only measure the volume of fluid flowing through the current working condition,so this situation is not practical for us.
  When we actually use it,we want to measure how much mass of fluid is flowing.The density of steam varies greatly under different pressures and temperatures,so it is necessary to measure both pressure and temperature while measuring the volume of steam flow.Only when the density of steam is known at all times can the quality of steam be measured accurately.
  The so-called compensation is to calculate the density of the fluid according to the temperature and pressure data of the fluid,so as to calculate the mass of the fluid according to the measured volume of the fluid.
  As for the compensation of water vapor,if the water vapor is saturated vapor,pressure or temperature compensation(temperature compensation and pressure compensation each choose one).If it is superheated steam,temperature and pressure compensation(temperature compensation and pressure compensation at the same time).
  Note that in the classification of water vapor,saturated vapor and superheated vapor must not be mistaken,because the density of saturated vapor is higher than that of superheated vapor,and attention must be paid to the selection and installation of instruments.Once you make a mistake in this place,it will cause serious economic losses.
  Of course,there are also some instruments,which do not need to distinguish between saturated steam and superheated steam,because they are connected not only with flow measurement devices,but also with temperature and pressure measurement devices.