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  Requirements for installation environment of vortex flowmeter?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Technology Introduction:Vortex Street Flowmeter because its gas and liquid can be measured,the measurement accuracy is high,so there are certain requirements for the installation environment,let's briefly introduce the installation of lower Vortex Street.
  Installation Environment Requirements for Vortex Flowmeter:
  1.Avoid high-power equipment,high-frequency equipment and strong switching power supply equipment as far as possible.The power supply of the instrument should be separated from these devices as far as possible.
  2.Avoid the direct influence of high temperature heat source and radiation source.If installation is necessary,insulation and ventilation measures are required.
  3.Avoid high humidity environment and strong corrosive gas environment.If it must be installed,ventilation measures must be taken.
  4.Vortex flow meters should be installed in pipelines with strong vibration as far as possible.If it is necessary to install,the pipeline fastening device should be installed at the upstream and downstream 2D,and the anti-vibration pad should be added to enhance the anti-vibration effect.
  5.Instruments should be installed indoors and outdoors.Waterproofing should be paid attention to.Cable should be bent into U shape at the electrical interface to avoid water entering the amplifier shell along the cable.
  6.There should be plenty of space around the instrumentation installation point for installation wiring and regular maintenance.