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            The scope of smoking ban extends from indoor to outdoor,electronic cigarettes are included in the scope of smoking ban,illegal smoking is no longer discouraged but directly fined,and tobacco products can not be sold within 50 meters of school entrance and exit.As a result of the four regulations,Shenzhen has become another city in China which strictly prohibits smoking and expressly prohibits electronic smoking.Before that,Hong Kong and Hangzhou have also announced the ban on electronic cigarettes.
            "Despair 6 Minutes"Electronic Cigarette Pulled Down the Healthy Vent at the 3.15 Party
            The proposed smoking ban in Shenzhen is reminiscent of the"six minutes of despair"of electronic cigarettes at this year's 315 party.The program points out that electronic cigarettes can release harmful substances,endanger the health of smokers and passive smokers,and long-term smoking of electronic cigarettes can also lead to nicotine dependence.At the same time,some electronic cigarette smoke also contains formaldehyde,propylene glycol,glycerol and other substances.Not long ago,Fox News reported that electronic cigarettes used to quit smoking may contain bacteria and mycotoxins.The World Health Organization also proposed that the second-hand smoke generated by electronic smoke has become a new source of environmental pollution,which emits PM1.0,PM2.5 aerosol particles into the air.
            This wave of"roll call"has directly unveiled the"health"label of electronic cigarettes affixed by major merchants,and has also brought the new industry down.In fact,even without the"roll call"of these mainstream media and organizations,the electronic cigarette industry itself is in a chaotic situation and will usher in a wave of rectification.At present,the price of electronic cigarette products on the market varies from more than a dozen yuan to over a thousand yuan,without any purchase restrictions,even teenagers can easily get it.However,for this new product without clear regulation,it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the true from the false,to know what the manufacturer actually added to it,and whether there are prohibited substances harmful to health.
            Electronic smoke supervision in vacuum zone sounds safety alarm by scientific instruments
            It is reported that the national standards for electronic cigarettes have not yet been formally promulgated in China,so it can be said that there is still a large regulatory vacuum zone.The quality of all kinds of products on the market is uneven,and there may be various potential safety hazards.It is urgent to standardize scientific instruments.
            In general,electronic cigarette is mainly composed of smoke pipe,evaporation device and battery which hold nicotine solution.The reason for this effect is that the electronic smoke uses the atomizer as an evaporator to convert liquid nicotine into mist.However,the key to the problem lies in the nicotine liquid,that is,fume.Previously,it was generally believed that the smoke of electronic cigarette does not contain tar,carbon monoxide and other substances that endanger health,but it still contains nicotine,formaldehyde and other substances.You know,one-time inhalation of excessive nicotine can endanger life,long-term addiction can lead to cancer,hypertension,coronary heart disease,emphysema and other diseases.Formaldehyde,needless to say,has always been recognized as a carcinogen.
            Nicotine content in fume can be effectively detected by gas chromatography,liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.Because nicotine emitted from electronic cigarettes can also pollute the environment,it is necessary to determine nicotine concentration in the air after smoking.With the advantages of good reproducibility,high detection accuracy and fast speed,high performance liquid chromatography can be well used for the determination of this item.In addition,for people who use electronic cigarettes,high performance liquid chromatography can also determine the extent of the impact of electronic cigarettes by measuring the content of nicotine in their urine,saliva and hair.
            So,how should we detect the disgusting formaldehyde?Quantitative analysis methods such as titration,gravimetry,colorimetry,gas chromatography and liquid chromatography are more suitable.For example,the classical method for the determination of formaldehyde is colorimetry,which can be determined by ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrophotometer to meet the requirements of analysis limit,accuracy and reproducibility.In recent years,gas chromatography,liquid chromatography and other methods have been widely used in the determination of formaldehyde in practical samples,with the advantages of simple operation and accurate results.
            In addition to smoke oil containing harmful substances such as nicotine and formaldehyde,the cotton core used in electronic cigarettes has also become a new concern.As mentioned above,the existing electronic cigarette products on the market are contaminated by bacteria and mycotoxins.The potential source of contamination may be cotton fibers such as cotton core used in electronic cigarettes.When users use electronic cigarettes,they are likely to be exposed to these pollutants and inhale harmful substances.Therefore,the quality of electronic cigarette products should also be considered.According to known data,ATP bioluminescence method can quickly detect the total number of bacterial colonies to evaluate the health status of electronic cigarettes.
            Of course,the quality problems of electronic smoke are not limited to this.Oil leakage and dry burning caused by atomizer damage are common.The composition of fume still needs further analysis by scientific instruments.At least,the simple phrase"No tar,no carbon monoxide,no carcinogenic nicotine"has failed to build consumer confidence in e-cigarettes.From the point of view of health and environmental protection,Xiaobian still hopes that more people will join in supporting the anti-smoking campaign.It is recommended that friends who have never smoked,especially teenagers,do not contact electronic cigarettes because they are curious or follow the trend."Old smokers"should not think that electronic cigarettes are harmless.If you want to be healthy,you should quit smoking as soon as possible.