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  What is the difference between orifice flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument for you to introduce:
  Orifice plate flowmeter can be used to measure instantaneous and cumulative flow of steam,gas(air/nitrogen/carbon dioxide gas,etc.)and liquid(mostly water,tap water,no magazine).It is a differential pressure flowmeter.It needs a differential pressure transmitter and flow accumulator to use.It is mostly suitable for the measurement of high temperature and pressure media,especially steam.
  Electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid.In addition to measuring the flow of general conductive fluid such as water,River water,air conditioning water and sewage,it can also be used to measure the flow of corrosive liquids such as strong acid,strong alkali,slurry,pulp and other liquid-solid two-phase suspension liquids.
  The medium that orifice plate flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter can measure is water.But when measuring water,electromagnetism is preferred,the cost-effective ratio is high,the direct display does not need other accessories and configurations,and the performance is stable.