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  Nowadays,the concept of the Internet of Things has been deeply rooted in people's hearts.Based on the core technologies of big data and new generation of Internet of Things transmission,the"Dalian Connection"data network of the Internet of Things is constructed to help the government,enterprises and households to realize the comprehensive collection,transmission and analysis of terminal equipment data.The NEW generation of narrowband Internet of Things(NB-IOT)is bringing energy management into the era of interconnection of things.
  At the beginning of March this year,the State Grid Corporation held a meeting to propose the construction of"ubiquitous power Internet of things",and made a comprehensive deployment arrangement for the construction of"ubiquitous power Internet of things",so as to accelerate the implementation of the strategy of"three types,two networks and world-class".
  The wind blows and wrinkles a pool of spring water.With the emergence of"ubiquitous power Internet of things"in the capital market,the huge market space released and nurtured by"ubiquitous power Internet of things"has stirred the nerves of the entire energy industry.Some brokerages even call 2019 the first year of investment in power Internet of things.
  The so-called"ubiquitous Internet of Things"is actually an intelligent meter reading system,which reads electricity data remotely and then transmits the data to the power billing system through the power software network card.
  At present,the State Grid has made accelerating the construction of"ubiquitous power Internet of things"the most urgent and important task,and plans to build"ubiquitous power Internet of things"in 2024.As an important branch of"ubiquitous Internet of Things",smart meters based on NB-IOT(narrowband Internet of Things)technology and products of telecommunications information acquisition system will become the most direct beneficiary areas for the construction of"ubiquitous Internet of Things".
  NB-IoT is a new generation of narrowband Internet of Things transmission technology.It is formulated by China and implemented worldwide.Compared with the traditional 2G network,NB-IOT has the outstanding characteristics of wide coverage,low power consumption,low cost,strong signal,etc.It is especially suitable for the scenario of continuous automatic transmission of data,low power consumption and long-term monitoring in the field of energy management such as water,electricity and gas.
  In the construction of smart city and"ubiquitous power Internet of things",with the deployment scope of the three operators'NB-IoT base stations increasing,the NB-IoT smart meter will usher in huge application space.
  According to the data,the number of terminals connected to SG-eIoT system is more than 500 million(450 million meters,tens of millions of protection,acquisition and control devices).According to the planning of the State Grid,by 2030,the number of devices connected to SG-eIoT system will reach 2 billion.The whole ubiquitous Internet of Things will be the largest Internet of Things ecological circle with access devices.
  On May 3,2017,the NB-IoT smart meter of Tianfu New Area Power Supply Company of State Grid was successfully tested in Tianfu New Area,which realized a series of functions such as remote meter reading,and marked the arrival of a new era of intelligent meter reading initiated by the Internet of Things.
  As one of the key intelligent terminal products in the construction of"two networks",NB-IoT smart meter plays an important supporting role in the realization of informationization,automation and intellectualization of power grid.With the promotion and implementation of the"ubiquitous Internet of Things"construction and the demand for the replacement of watt-hour meter stock,watt-hour meter enterprises with advanced technology and application experience in NB-IoT smart meter will face new and greater development opportunities.