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  Points for Attention in Installation of Vortex Flowmeter on Site!Xi'an Huaheng Instrument:Vortex Street Flowmeter is mainly used to measure the flow of medium fluids in industrial pipelines,such as gases,liquids,vapors and other media.
  Its characteristics are small pressure loss,wide range and high accuracy.It is almost independent of the parameters such as fluid density,pressure,temperature and viscosity when measuring volume flow rate under working conditions.No mechanical parts,so high reliability,small maintenance.Instrument parameters can be stable for a long time.
  Vortex flowmeter adopts piezoelectric stress sensor,which has high reliability and can work in the range of-20~250~C.It has analog standard signal and digital pulse signal output.It is easy to be used with computer and other digital systems.It is an advanced and ideal flow meter.
  The following points should be paid attention to when choosing the installation site and the installation location of the instrument for vortex flowmeter:
  1.Avoid high-power equipment,high-frequency equipment and strong switching power supply equipment as far as possible.The power supply of the instrument should be separated from these devices as far as possible.
  2.Avoid the direct influence of high temperature heat source and radiation source.
  3.Avoid the influence of high humidity and heat environment and strong corrosive atmosphere.
  4.Reduce the influence of strong vibration(especially pipe vibration).
  5.Choose places where installation,wiring and maintenance are convenient.
  PS:Application of Tianjin pressure transmitter,matters needing attention in field installation of vortex flowmeter!