1. 天津压力变送器如何安装,涡街流量计信号输出不准确或不稳定解决办法?
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        There is no medium flow in the pipeline of vortex flowmeter,but there is signal output or instantaneous flow which is obvious.Introduction of Xi'an Huaheng Instrument:
        1.Firstly,it is confirmed that there is no medium flow or disturbance in the measurement pipeline of the vortex flowmeter.Check whether the vibration intensity of the pipeline is too large.If the vibration is too strong,please reduce the vibration by following methods:installing pipeline support points at the 2D downstream of the flowmeter;installing excessive hoses on the premise of meeting the requirements of the straight pipe;
        2.Adjust the sensitivity potentiometer counterclockwise until there is no signal output or instantaneous flow back to zero.When adjusting the potentiometer,it should be as slow as possible.When adjusting the angle of 5 degrees,it should stop for more than 10 seconds in order to observe whether the output returns to zero.
        The signal output of the vortex flowmeter is irregular,unstable or the instantaneous flow rate is unstable.
        First,check whether the medium flow in the pipeline is beyond the measurable flow range of the sensor.
        If the medium flow rate is within the measurable range,check whether the straight pipe section before and after the inspection meets the requirements,and confirm whether the medium in the pipeline is in a stable flow state,there is no two-phase flow or pulsating flow in the pipeline;
        Check whether the vibration intensity of the pipeline is too large.
        Check whether there is a strong electrical interference signal around the instrument,if there is enhanced shielding and grounding;
        Check whether the sensor is stained,damped,damaged,and the lead is not in good contact.If so,clean or replace the sensor and tighten the lead.
        Check whether the sensor installation is concentric or whether the gasket is protruded into the tube,and adjust the inner diameter of the gasket if there is installation.
        Check the sensitivity of the sensor and adjust the sensitivity.
        Check the stability of the process flow and adjust the installation position.
        Check for entanglement on the body.
        Check whether there is cavitation in the pipeline.If there is a decrease in flow rate,increase the pressure in the pipeline.
        PS:How to install the pressure transmitter in Tianjin,and how to solve the problem of inaccurate or unstable output of vortex flowmeter signal?