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  Calculating the special requirements of orifice flowmeter,Xi'an Huaheng Instrument will introduce to you:the orifice flowmeter designed,manufactured and calibrated according to the national standard does not need real-flow calibration,has high accuracy,simple structure and low manufacturing cost,but the pressure loss is the largest in all standard throttling devices,and is not suitable for situations requiring small pressure loss.The standard orifice plate is widely used in petroleum and chemical industry.Industry,metallurgy,electricity and other industries.
  Manufacturers of throttling devices know that when calculating the diameter of orifice according to field parameters,such as orifice plate flowmeter and V-cone flowmeter,it will involve such a problem as how to select the maximum differential pressure of differential pressure transmitter.How to choose the differential pressure value and how large should it be?It is related to many factors,such as uncertainty,front and back straight pipe sections,etc.Therefore,when calculating the diameter of orifice plate flowmeter and V-cone flowmeter,we must not blindly select large differential pressure,but consider some related factors synthetically.
  1.The above basic introduction is to select the advantages of high differential pressure,but to a certain extent,it will bring some relative disadvantages.People familiar with orifice flowmeter and V-cone flowmeter processing technology should know that when the differential pressure is too large,the direct consequence is that the opening becomes very small,then the relative pressure loss is also very large,orifice flowmeter original pressure loss is very large,if this is added,then for the entire process system,the pressure loss caused by this pressure loss.The cost is considerable;the V-cone flowmeter is slightly moderate in comparison.
  2.When the differential pressure is large,the beta value decreases and the minimum Reynolds number recommended is small.In this way,the actual Reynolds number may be much larger than the recommended Reynolds number,so the flow coefficient tends to be stable and the measurement accuracy will be improved.
  3.For the differential pressure transmitter,the higher the differential pressure is,the more stable the lower the differential pressure is.
  4.When the differential pressure is large,the minimum straight pipe section needed can be shorter.
  In view of this characteristic,for the integrated orifice plate flowmeter,considering various economic factors,we should choose the opening value with the greatest differential pressure;for the V-cone flowmeter,it is relatively better.For the field fluid is Newtonian fluid,the straight pipe section of the V-cone flowmeter itself is relatively low,even if it is shorter,it does not exist in comparison.
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