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  Piston pressure gauge knowledge development,Xi'an Huaheng Instrument for you to explain:
  1.What are the characteristics of high pressure piston pressure gauge?
  The piston rod is thin,and the pressure is high.The piston rod is easy to break.Selling point Our piston rod is ground with 10 mm tungsten carbide rod until 2.532 mm,so as to ensure the concentricity of the rod,10 mm is the protective rod,installed in the protective sleeve with only 10.01 mm clearance,when the position of the piston is offset,ensure that the lower piston rod is not affected by external force,thus playing a protective role.
  2.What medium does the piston pressure gauge use and what proportion is it?
  The mixture of kerosene(aviation kerosene)and transformer oil(transformer oil No.25)below 25MPa is kerosene:transformer oil=1:3;sebacate is used above 25MPa.
  3.Why does the piston turn off the pre-pressure valve?What is the function of piston preloading?What are the advantages and disadvantages of pre-pressurization?
  The pre-pressurization function of piston pressure gauge is that it is more convenient to expand pressure tooling and easy to pressurize under high pressure;if the pre-pressurization valve is not turned off,it is easy to leak oil;the disadvantage is that the operation is cumbersome.
PS:Tianjin pressure transmitter allows errors,piston pressure gauge knowledge expansion!