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  Vortex flowmeter,as a flow meter widely used in industrial field,can measure the flow of gas and liquid.Compared with other flowmeters,it has a wider scope of application.The accuracy of Vortex flowmeter is higher from 0.5 to 2 level.So it is possible to use some flowmeters even if they have measurement requirements.The working conditions of Vortex flowmeter should be clear,and each working condition is right.The realization of accuracy is also different.
  Accuracy of Vortex Flowmeter
  The accuracy of the vortex flowmeter is about(+)0.5%R to(+)2%R for liquid and(+)l%R to(+)2%R for gas.The repeatability of the vortex flowmeter is generally 0.2%-0.5%.Because the instrument coefficient of vortex flowmeter is low,the frequency resolution is low and the caliber is larger and lower,the caliber of instrument should not be too large(below DN300).
  Wide range is the characteristic of vortex flowmeter,but what matters is the lower limit flow rate.The lower limit of average liquid velocity is 0.5m/s and gas velocity is 4-5m/s.The normal flow rate of vortex flowmeter should be 1/2-2/3 of the normal measurement range.
  Applicable circumstances
  Vortex flowmeter is not suitable for measuring low Reynolds number(ReD<2*104)fluid.When Reynolds number is low,Strauhal number varies with Reynolds number,instrumentation linearity becomes worse,and high fluid viscosity will significantly affect or even hinder the generation of vortices.One of the limitations of type selection is that it can not be used under the bounded Reynolds number.Vortex flowmeters are widely used for fluids,but attention should be paid to the fouling properties of fluids.The fluids containing solid particles will produce noise and wear whirlpool when they scour the whirlpool.The instrument coefficients will be changed if the short fibers are wound around the vortex generator.
PS:Tianjin pressure gauge transmitter,what is the accuracy of vortex flowmeter?