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  Pipeline densitometer installation matters needing attention,Xi'an Huaheng Instrument:Pipeline densitometer is often installed in the site with poor working conditions.In order to minimize the bad working conditions of densitometer,it should be installed as far as possible in the place where temperature gradient and temperature change are small,there is no impact and vibration,and there are no bubbles.Only by taking full account of the unique conditions of the site,can we give full play to its due accuracy index.Attention should be paid to the following items when installing:
  (1)The product must be erected vertically,and the verticality with the ground is not more than 5 degrees(if the installation is not vertical,or when the local gravity acceleration deviates from the standard gravity acceleration,there will be deviation.How to eliminate the resulting deviation will be described later).
  (2)Flange straight section should be installed smoothly during side installation.
  (3)When the cover of the electric box is opened,it should be tightened to ensure close contact with the sealed O-ring.If not tightened,moisture will enter the electric box and affect the normal operation of the circuit.
  (4)The shell of densitometer must be grounded effectively.
  (5)The installation position should be as far away as possible from the frequency converter or high-power motor.If necessary,isolation measures should be taken and shielded power cord should be used.
  (6)After installation,the ATC will be zeroed so that the density value can be displayed as 0 g/cm_.