The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.
 I am writing you in respect to an accidental overdose that took the life
 of my one year old son Aiden. Four months ago my Father died of cancer,
 and he had been taking the 80mg doseage of Oxycontin. On July 19th 
I had walked up the street to my stepmother's house to take her some Diet Coke.
 We were only there for ten minutes, but at some point during those ten minutes
 that my one year old was chasing the cat, he found one of my father's dropped 
pain pills (he was so doped toward the end that he was always dropping things)
 and chewed it up without me knowing. He fell asleep as soon as we got home,
 and a few hours later I tried to wake him up but he wouldn't stay awake.
 I took him to the emergency room. told them that I was afraid that he might
 have injested something, but they disregarded what I said, and treated him for
 what they thought was sepsis. He was then trasferred to Children's Mercy where
 he was cared for in the PICU until late Wednesday evening when they transferred 
him to a regular room beacuse they thought he was doing better. He had a variety
 of Siezures throught the night and finnally his respiratory system totally
 failed. By the time we saw my son agian his eyes where fixed and dialated, 
and we where being accused of having shaken him. He was pronounced brain dead
 on July 22nd at 2:40 pm, but we had actaully lost him hours before. It took a 
medical examiner to clear us of the charges of having shook him. After going
 back and reasking his doctors about how my son went 24 hours in hospital care 
without them having caught on to the clinical signs that he was displaying 
of suffering from cerebral edema due to drug overdose I realized something. 
That even with the number of deaths taht are contributed to this drug each year,
 there are still doctor's out there that have no idea of how devastating 
that this drug is, or how seriously it needs to be taken. And all in a pill
 the size that a oneyear old can keep in his mouth without even being seen. 
That is more than just a dangerous drug. It is like genocide in compact form.
 I am hoping that in sending this letter to you, that you will have the
 resources to yell to the highest tower that this drug is bad, and the proper
 education needs to not only go to patients, but to any doctor that might ever
 come into contact, perscribe, or treat the effects of this medicine. 
I am enclosing pictures so that everyone can see what this "wonder drug"
 has cost my family.



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