OxyABUSEkills is now the homepage of the P.D.A.A.P.

The PDAAP is incorporated as of 07/19/01 and has been APPROVED for 501(c)(3) Status.

PDAAP will not only warn about abusing OXYCONTIN but ALL illicit Prescription Drug ABUSE and also the Dangers of Club Drugs.

PDAAP is currently accepting donations which are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to help cover the startup costs and the expansion and advertising of the website.
Goals of the PDAAP
1. Build and Promote the web's #1 site warning about the Dangers of Prescription and Club Drug Abuse. Have references, help links, phone numbers, educational links and multimedia.
2. Develop a program to educate the children on the Dangers of Prescription and Club Drug Abuse. We will initially present the program to the middle schools of Philadelphia and one day will have chapters to present it nationally.
3. Develop a Pamphlet to go along with the presentation.
4. Develop a 800 automated phone system that will give NON computer users access to ABUSE information about any of the drugs we cover.
5. Advocate for MORE and improved drug education in school systems throughout the USA.
6. Advocate a computerized prescription monitoring program for all 50 states.

The following are the purposes for which this
 organization has been organized:
1. Make prevention, and education available to the general public about abuse of any kind of prescription drug and club drugs
2. Develop programs and obtain help and counseling for those who are in need when abusing any of these prescription drugs.
3. Work closely with research and development of major pharmaceutical companies on any NEW super drugs being available to the public, making the public aware of their properties and consequences if they are misused or abused.
4. Work and advocating about prescription abuse with local, state, and/or federal governments, law enforcement agencies, single county authorities, relevant substance abuse agencies, organizations, coalitions and communities.
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What they are saying
The abuse of prescription drugs represents close to 30% of the overall drug problem in the United States, a close second to only cocaine, according to the DEA.

Survey: Youths Using Less Cocaine and Heroin, More Ecstasy and Illicit
Prescription Drugs.

one survey at the University of Wisconsin found one in five students had
tried illicit prescription drugs.

The DEA estimates prescription drug abuse accounts for 30 percent of
reported deaths and injuries from drugs, fuels a multibillion dollar illicit
market, and contributes significantly to street crime.

Nationally, 9 million people illicitly used prescription drugs in 1998, far
more than the 1 million who used crack cocaine, according to the National
Institute on Drug Abuse.