The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.
Lauren Meehan


Lauren, "sweet angel"- as you lay down your head
The essence of flowers surround your bed.

Just eighteen years old this past June-
A life just started and over too soon.

We know in our minds you shouldn't be gone-
The pain in our hearts weights heavy and strong.

Family and Friends gather to show you their love-
As you watch from a cloud in the heavens above.

We take solace in knowing you found happiness-
With you love for Michael- you had found your bliss.

Not to see you again will make us all sad-
But we know you are safe up there with Dad.

As you leave us today-it's our final good-bye
We'll think of you, "angel," when we look up at the sky.



Aunt Ellen


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Edward Barbieri, a toxicologist at National Medical Services in Willow
Grove, said anyone can die from it if they chew it or crush it and then take it.