The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.
How YOU can help stop the DEATHS- FDA info

How Can You Help Stem the Tide of  Deaths and Addiction to OxyContin?? 



In February 2005 Citizen Petition 2005P-0076 was filed with the  FDA by Barbara and Kirk Van Rooyan on behalf  of all those who have died or become addicted to OxyContin. (link to petition)


The petition requests that the FDA change the indications for OxyContin to use with SEVERE pain only from documented tissue disease.  The petition also requests that OxyContin be temporarily removed from the market until it can be manufactured in an abuse resistant formulation. 


The FDA may act on either or both of these requests but instead has chosen to IGNORE all requests.


U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein has twice written the FDA requesting that they act upon Citizen Petition 2005P-0076.  The requests thus far have been IGNORED. (link to Feinstein letter)


If a U.S. Senator or Representative from every state in the nation wrote the FDA asking for action on Citizen Petition 2005P-0076 it would be virtually impossible for the FDA to continue its silence!


So, please take the following steps:


1) Find your U.S. Senators� and Representative�s phone numbers at:



2)  Call and ask for the name of the congressmember�s legislative aide in charge of health issues. Ask to be connected to their office.

You will almost certainly get voicemail.


3) Leave a message that you have important information concerning OxyContin and a Citizen Petition currently in documents management of the FDA.  Let him/her know you would like an opportunity to discuss the issue and/or e-mail or fax them a copy of the petition and other pertinent information.  Ask for a call back so that you may get e-mail and fax information.


4) Most aides will call back, will listen and will read what you send.  HOWEVER, it is important to follow up and follow up and follow up.  Once you have the e-mail address for the legislative aide you can begin educating and asking for the senator or representative to send a letter to the FDA in support of the petition.  (you can send Feinstein�s as an example).  Send information about the Purdue plea agreement and sentencing and other pertinent articles frequently, then follow up with phone calls to see if the aide has received, read them and had a chance to discuss with the congressmember.


It took 3 years and the final clincher of the plea agreement to bring Senator Feinstein on board but I think now that she has supported the petition other members of Congress will be easier to persuade.  But they do need to hear from YOU and have you �SK for their support.




We need at least one person from every state in the nation contacting Congress and asking for support for Citizen Petition 2005P-0076.


Thank you.



















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