The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.
MAIN MEMORIADeath's related to OXYAGE

Just some of the victims of the OXY EPIDEMIC

also see my GUESTBOOK and feel free to post your story to help warn others

I'm sure these numbers are UNDERREPORTED and I will update as more info comes out. Please email any info or link that You have on this count.

07/19/07 - Over 500 names on this VICTIMS page and it closes on the day the Purdue Criminals are sentenced in Court.

06/11/04 - there are 365 names on the memorial page

11/11/03 - there are 252 names on the memorial page

April 2002 report from the Drug Enforcement Administration that OxyContin
might have played a role in 464 drug overdose deaths in a two-year period.

02/19/02 Eddie's death anniversary there are 118 Death's recorded in my guestbooks that are OXY related.

From the PRESS:                                                                  
12/12/01 Asa Hutchinson DEA chief said new information from medical examiners across the country has linked the drug to almost 300 overdose deaths in 31 states. Officials are also looking into about 500 other deaths that could be related. 

11/02/01 DEA Links OxyContin to 282 Deaths

06/27/01 Philadelphia Medical Examiner reported there were 40 deaths showing oxycodone as of 6/27. Up from 41 deaths for all of 2000 and 17 deaths in 1999.

06/13/01 the DEA reports:
Emergency department and coroner reports involving the active ingredient in OxyContin have increased 200% and 400% respectively since 1996. For the year 2000, the DEA has also received 291 coroner reports from the six states most affected. Treatment programs in such states as Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia reported between 50% and 90% of new patients said OxyContin was their primary drug of abuse. In some cases, entire towns have suffered the effects of illicit OxyContin abuse

OxyContin and other morphine-like drugs killed 152 people statewide in FL during the final six months of 2000.

3/4/01 Officials say at least 120 deaths can be attributed to abuse of OXYCONTIN. (nationwide). In Philadelphia area at least 23 deaths have been linked to OXYCONTIN

2/9/01 To date, the report notes that at least 37 deaths can be attributed to the abuse of OxyContin (nationwide)

Name From Born Died Bio
Eddie Bisch Phila PA  9/22/82  2/19/01 Senior in High School Planned to attend CHEF school
Lauren Meehan Phila PA 6/9/82 1/13/01 Attending school to be a Medical Technician
Nick Morton Noxen PA 12/3/79 4/29/01 Construction Worker, Dreamed of being a football player
Andrew C. DEL REGNO RI 20 yrs old 09/26/02 We can't let Purdue Pharma's OxyContin continue to kill our children!!!!!!"
Elliot Matos Somerville MA 12/27/81 09/08/01 Athlete and Musician. Future Marine and Firefighther
Bobby Lee Ashcraft Jr FL 11/16/81 09/23/01 We will never be the same, but we must carry on in his name. You are always on our minds Love,
Mom, Dad, and Eric

Paul Aboata Arlington
9/3/78 6/3/01 Paul Aboata was a 22 year old college student, and a
father of a gorgeous 5 year old little girl.
Heather Marie Goslinowski North Miami Beach, FL 3/20/85 3/24/00 Tomboy,independent, oldest of four
Ryan Michael Munson Cocoa Beach FL   11/00 Loved and missed by many
Nicole Notaro USA 12/17/81 10/23/01 Coley-Bear, friend to all and missed by all, Visit Nicole's website


Jonathan Mikell St Pete Beach FL 12/11/81 12/21/01 Loved and missed by Family and Friends.
Jason DiBassie San Francisco CA


  02/14/02 Hero to Grandmother and Dear Friend.
Michael McBrayer Valdese NC 9/24/55 9/07/01 Left behind a 19yr old son who cherished his Daddy.
Raye Lynn Nareau Harris
Thomasville, NC
3/06/79 2/20/02 22-year mother of two little daughters who will never know their mother
Jason Campana Philadelphia PA 04/02/82 01/16/02 Greatly missed by 5 younger brothers and sisters.
Matthew Snyder Springfield MO   04/04/02 Missed by Mom and many friends.
Jerry L Cover Sr Cocoa Beach FL 01/16/61 09/19/00  Missed by 3 kids, 3 grandkids,wife and friends
Shawn Michael Spies Spokane WA   05/02/02 Missed by family,especially his kids
Dale R Bodinus Riverview MI 07/24/84 11/09/02 Great athlete, brother and friend
Randall Matthew  Nuss Palm Coast FL 08/14/84 05/01/03 Missed and loved by sister and family
Chaz Auburn WA 12/08/75 12/19/02  Loved and Missed by all, especially his 3 sons.
Anthony (tone) Jolliffe   17 yrs old 04/07/02  Missed by friends and family
Sean Walker Valdosta GA 24 yrs old 02/18/02  Missed by 2 brothers a sister and his daughther
Joshua L Stamper Calvert City KY 20 yrs old 02/21/01  Loved and Missed by all
Chrissy NJ 20 yrs old 10/29/01  Mom and Dad miss u terrible.
Charles 'Hoggie' Jowers Titusville FL   05/08/02  Great Guitarist, Missed by many
Graham Birmingham AL 16 yrs old 05/08/02  Loved and Missed by all
Shane Ryan   20 yrs old 05/09/02  Loved and Missed by all, especially his 2 brothers and mom.
Chaz Auburn WA 12/08/75 12/19/02  Loved and Missed by all, especially his 3 sons.
Todd J Amsler   01/20/64 04/17/02  Loved and Missed by all, especially his 2 kids and fianace.
Tina Jo Anderson MS 38 yrs old 03/02  Loved and Missed by all, especially her kids,husband and sister
Austin Dewitt Thomas   16 yrs old 06/01/02  Mom,dad and brother miss him terrible.
Jay Cadaret   31 yrs old 05/12/02  Loved and Missed by all,Youngest of 9 children
Richard Van Nest Palm Beach Gardens FL 17 yrs old 05/30/02  Loved and Missed by all
Austin Thomas Palm Beach Gardens FL 16 yrs old 06/01/02  Loved and Missed by all
Matthew Lee Schrader Palm Beach Gardens FL 17 yrs old 01/03/02  Loved and Missed by all
Sarah Tebo MI 02/23/84 03/23/02  Loved and Missed by all especially her 2 sisters and brother
Jacob Lynn Pack Pasadena TX 22 yrs old 04/21/02  Loved and Missed by all. parents and friends
James Patrick Flynn LasVegas NV 08/15/68 04/15/02  Loved and Missed by all,especially his sister,wife and kids
Jesse Gifford     07/14/02  Loved and Missed by band members and friends and family
Patrick Bucky Coin   30 yrs old 06/06/02  Loved and Missed by all. Only son
Jayson Jay Hankel     08/10/02  Loved and Missed by all
Shawn Bates Waynesville MO 09/22/76 07/24/01  father of 2 lil girls who wanted to be a conservation agent
Tyson Oliver Alexander Pleasant Grove Al 19 yrs old 08/31/02  Star athelete, Missed by many
Michael Dean Williams SC 09/06/81 01/10/01  Loved and Missed by all especially his MOMA.
Chris Shed MS 03/08/76 08/09/02  Left behind 2 lil girls, a wife and a mother who miss him everyday
Jimmy t Middleton Baton Rougue LA 35 yrs old 10/16/02  Loved and Missed by his 3 sons and family and friends.
Michael Todd Cavallaro Ellicott City MD 11/19/82 10/15/02  Loved and Missed by all and his girlfriend.
Mark Allen Lane KY 34 yrs old 07/07/02  Loved and Missed by all,especially wife and kids.
Roy (Butch) Davis   32 yrs old 01/11/01  Loved and Missed by all especially his Sister.
Michael Swartz   39 yrs old 06/29/01 Missed by wife and 2 kids.
Shawn Wayne Pippin   10/16/84 09/16/02  planned to attend firefighter school
Stephanie Kristen Roberts   10/21/73 11/16/02  Loved and Missed by all, Especially sister and Niece.
Christina Lane Levasseur   24 yrs old 11/26/02 Former Beauty queen who is missed by all,her 2 kids and friend Jennifer.
Joshua Richard Bond   22 yrs old 11/25/02  Loved and Missed by all and his Girlfriend.1
Denny Ferriss Anchorage AK 1967 02/19/01  2 sons and brother and family misses him
Zachary McMahon   16 yrs old 06/15/02  Loved and Missed by all and his friend Tarah
Tomas R Rodriguez (chico)   09/13/78 05/13/02  Loved and Missed by his 2 kids, fiancee Tiffany and family and friends
Jeff Phaff Scranton PA early 20's 2001  Loved and Missed by all
Daniel Aaron Lehman Leadville CO 23 yrs old 11/21/02  Loved and Missed by all especially his sibling
Christopher Eugene Trujillo Pike County, KY 01/11/72 07/28/01 Someone who did not need to leave us so soon.  We all love him and miss him.
Derek Jeffrey Soued Palm Beach Gardens FL 09/21/83 11/17/02  Loved and Missed by all especially his mom
Christopher Noonan     12/20/02  Loved and Missed by all
Gary Cruise SanFrancisco CA   11/02  Disabled fireman, Missed by all and his friend Tom
Tina Dargis   40 yrs old 12/01/02  Loved and Missed by all especially her mom
Debra (debbie) Pincheck   50 yrs old 12/05/02  Loved and Missed by all,especially her husband David
Edward (bill) Evanco   09/30/64 06/15/02  Loved and Missed by all especially his sister Billy Jo
Zach Mcmahon Greenfield CT 16 yrs old 06/15/02
Missed by an old friend 
Harold kevin Stout Idabel, OK   12/11/01  Loved and Missed by 4 kids a wife 2 sisters and MOM
Christian Robert Baker Ventura CA 03/03/78 12/28/02 Photographer,sufer,musician. Loved and Missed by all
Troy Darst Oldham CO 33 yrs old 08/21/02  Loved and Missed by all especially his wife Tina.
Terry L Carter     09/07/02  Loved and Missed by all especially he sisters,wife and daughther and Dad
Kelly Albritton San Diego CA 10/16/59 05/02/02  Missed by his wife and 3 sons
Greg Causey Shreveport LA 08/06/78 09/29/02 college student, Loved and Missed by all especially his mom Sandra
David Blades   02/16/77 12/21/01  very funny guy,Loved and Missed by all especially Cade
Darwin M Dockum III Fair Haven VT 03/07/82 03/02/02 Outdoorsman ,Loved and Missed by his family.
Jason lee Baker Leland NC 22 yrs old 11/16/02  Loved and Missed by all especially his sister Leah
Austin Thomas Palm Beach Gardens FL 16 yrs old 06/01/02  Loved and Missed by all
Nathan W Lindsay Island Falls ME 04/10/72 02/04/03  Loved and Missed by all especially his sister Tessa and his 2 daughthers.
Naji Abdelliah     11/22/02  Loved and Missed by all especially his friend John
Michael Callela   12/27/69 01/17/03  Loved and Missed by all especially Emily Rose
Daniel Wayne Hornsby   26 yrs old 04/14/02  Loved and Missed by all especially Hollie
Wynn Stuart OKC, OK 08/21/64 01/04/02  Loved and Missed by family ,friends and his 2 kids
Brad Estes Eastpoint FL 15 yrs old 03/07/03  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends
John Paul DiFilippo Dalton MA 10/03/79 23 yrs old  Loved and Missed by all,especially mom and dad, Died in fl after going there to get clean.
Shawn Eric Hudgeons Houston TX 07/23/77 07/03/03  Loved and Missed by Mom,dad and lil sisters Lindsey and Brittany.
Irving Hall   68 yrs old 02/19/03  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and Son Steve
Holly Ray Butler Hueytown Al 08/22/74 02/03/03  Loved and missed by family and friends, especially 3-year old daughter, Hollyn Faith Butler
Devin Tumasz Hollywood FL 01/30/87 04/28/03  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and grandparents.
Richard Allan Leach Darbyville OH 07/11/79 03/24/03  Missed and loved by everyone he ever touched in his life.
Kevin Preneveau   10/27/64 10/30/02  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and sister Cheryl
Brian Sanders Panama City FL 03/29/76 10/15/02  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and sister , Mom who was his business partner.
Bradley Joseph Fouts Hallie KY   05/16/03  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and Cousin Tina.
Mary Kathleen Grimm Martin AZ 03/09/43 04/11/03  
Jason Lancing Kelley Wesport, CT 08/26/75 06/06/03  Visit Jay's Place
Max Chulew Tuscon AZ 41 yrs old 01/21/00  Loved and Missed by all, Cousin AG and Margo.
John F. Eastep Sr. Gambrills, MD
1-31-59 7-13-03  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends
Michael Dean Williams Gaffney, SC 19 yrs old 01/10/01  Loved and Missed by all, sister Jennifer
George H Allendorf Jr(BJ) Sandusky, OH 10/03/82 07/19/03  BJ is loved and missed by many, and it is hoped that others will learn a lesson from this, and not let this happen to anyone else.
Adrian "Joey" Joseph Whiting Pensacola, FL 12/24/68 02/20/99 Loved and Missed by all, especially his Mom, Sandy
Andy H Hartford WI 07/31/73 07/04/03  
Andy will be missed by his wife And four little girls
Gabrielle Lopez Palm Coast. Fl   08/11/03  Loved and Missed by all, Mom Kathryn
Tanya Lynn Romesburg Shreveport, LA 06/16/81 08/02/03  Missed by everyone who knew her...a loving mother and friend.  We will never forget you Tanya!  We think about you and miss you everyday.
 Debra Diane  Mayfield Eastaboga Al 06/22/66 03/15/03  forever with jesus. 
Melaney Farrington Barnstable , Ma 23 yrs old 10/14/02  I Love and Miss you Mom . I wish you were still here with me . I hope you are happier in HEAVEN then you were here . Fly with Angels . You are always in our hearts .
William Peterson   35 yrs old 08/08/03  Loved and Missed by all,Nephew Tom and your daughter
Matthew Eric Miller Cookeville , TN 03/08/75 04/06/03  love you Matt. You will never know how much you are missed.  Love, your fiance, Courtney
Tony Az 44 yrs old   loved and missed by  two daughters, a son and 7 grandchildren and many friends.
Carl Raymond Burlington CT 03/10/64 09/16/03  To the brother I always looked up to. We will always love you. Mom, Debbie,Mark, Eric
Dustin Scott Patty Missouri 05/18/84 08/13/03  He is missed very much by his Mother,younger brother and friends
Jason Neil   23 yrs old 10/15/03  Missed by all, Sorry you couldn't find the light at the end of the tunnel...Tina
Robert (bobby) Somerville MA 21 yrs old 09/24/03  Bobby, I miss you every second of every day.....Andrea
Phillip James Lexington NC 04/09/74 08/31/03  
Philip your mom misses you so bad it hurts so does your daughter Megan
We know you are with Jesus and we love you very much.
Rosalie Diane Hall Falcon(Rosie)   05/05/56 02/07/01  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends
David Lynn Howard Liberty Mills ,Indiana 04/19/79 09/02/02  David will carry on in many people's thoughts forever
Matthew B Taylor Fort Myers FL 12/15/84 06/19/03  there are no more good days, just good parts that occur in bad days.
  7-23-03  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and laura and erin
Steven M Boyd
1-10-79 4-20-03  
Graduated from Auto Mechanics school the week he passed on. Missed by Mom, 2 bothers and his best friend.  I know he is at peace!
Sean Walker Douglas, GA   02/19/02  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and amanda
Eric Taylor   11/19/68 09/19/99  Loved and Missed by all, family and Brian
Larry Taylor   10/30/67 08/16/01  Loved and Missed by all, family and Brian
James   42 yrs old 2002  Loved and Missed by all, family and Al
Curtis Fletcher Libby, Montana 21 yrs old 01/26/03  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends,Fiancee Hannah
Shannon Mahnken Perryville MO 23 yrs old 07/02/02  Our son, brother, cousin, nephew & dear grandson died . We miss him so much
Shane   20 yrs old 05/09/02  Miss you.....MOM
Crissy   29 yrs old 12/08/02  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends, your sister
Daniel   26 yrs old 04/17/02   Loved and Missed by all, family and friends, Cousin Holly
Joshua L Stamper Calvert City, KY 19 yrs old 04/21/01    Loved and Missed by all, family and friends, MOM
Todd J Amsler   01/20/64 04/17/02  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends, friend Debbie
Shane Ryan   20 yrs old 05/09/02  It has been an honor and a privilege to be his Mother, and his purpose in life will not be forgotten. Thank You, Shane... Mom
Graham Birmingham Al 16 yrs old 05/08/02  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends, friend Rose
Chrissy NJ 20 yrs old 10/29/02  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends, friend Debbie
Matthew O'brien Boston MA 17 yrs old 11/03/01  Loved and Missed by all, family and friends, friend Danny
Jacob Lynn Pack   08/81 04/02 There is not a day that doesnt go by that I dont miss him. I love you and miss you my friend.Travis
Dirk     02/06/02  Dirk was a loving husband and father who lost all control over his life when he started taking this drug.
Jason Blanton     07/02 I miss Jason and nothing will bring them back...Melissa
Zachary   16 yrs old 06/15/02 I love you Zachary and I always will DEM
Scott   25 yrs old 07/20/02 We have to question the value of these doctors whom are so quick to give a drug away, how many more scotts' will there have to be?
Carl J Gonzales   03/24/62 08/02/02 Carl was not terminally ill, so how was he issued a prescription for this very dangerous drug?
Jay   31 yrs old 05/12/02 to young to die he left behind a mother a father four sisters and four brothers many neices and nephews and lots of friends we all miss him so much
Zachary   16 yrs old 06/15/02 I love you Zachary and I always will DEM
Ed FL 31 yrs old 04/22/02 Something needs to be done and fast about this killer drug. I am so thankful for this website, with tears in my eyes
Michael   33 yrs old 2002 I have to go through the rest of my life without my brother MICHAEL and my family has to go through life without him
Michael Dean Williams SC 09/06/81 10/10/01 My love for my son will always be strong in my heart. All my prayers, Debra in South Carolina
Matt Corey   22 yrs old 2000 He was a popular guy and so was/is the drug oxicotton. No one really new it was a problem until it was to late.
Jesse Gifford   23 yrs old 07/14/02 My question is "Why?" I know that Jesse wasn't aware of it's potential danger.
Tommy   22 yrs old 09/22/02 Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and michelle
Kyle   19 yrs old 10/06/02 ......WE MISS YOU KYLE..Amanda
Andy Lackemacher   31 yrs old 10/17/02 Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and Andrea
Jimmy Baton Rogue,LA 35 yrs old 10/16/02 Loved and Missed by all, family and friends and Sheila
Harry   52 yrs old 10/23/02 i love you dad. IN MEMORY OF HARRY
Mark Allen Lane   34 yrs old 07/07/02 Loved and Missed by all, family and friends wife Annette
Michael Norton     11/18/01 I love you and I will always miss you...Lori
Michael Glenn Gibbons Southern Ontario 09/13/81 11/06/02 He should of lived at least another 40+ years, now I don't know what to do... I miss my little brother.
Dean   22 yrs old 2002 We all thought that we were invincible, and Dean led the way.
Larry   33 yrs old 8/19/01 I lost my 1st cousin who was also my best friend, my buddy, confidant and we always referred to each other as "my rock"!!Love Theresa
Stephanie   29 yrs old 11/02 Stephanie, shot herself in the forehead with a 9mm last Saturday, She could not bear the withdrawals...
Linda     11/02 My sister's name was Linda. She was a very smart, beautiful and a mother. She started taking oxycontin about a year ago for chronic back Judy
Joshua Richard Bond     11/25/02 Everybody loved Josh I mean he knew everyone....Love Chyrissie
Danielle   23 yrs old 11/21/02 wish I could reverse time, and someone would wake him up!! I need my brother back...Tara
ZJM   16 yrs old 06/15/02 That is way too soon to be taken from so many people that needed him. Tara
My Wife     11/19/00 She was taking this Drug for Migraines. I sure would like to sue the Drug Company and the Docs that pushed this Drug. Missing Her...Doug
Stephanie   29 yrs old 11/02 Stephanie, shot herself in the forehead with a 9mm last Saturday, She could not bear the withdrawals...
Amanda   17 yrs old 2002 I miss her dearly. Conclusion: I hate Oxycontin. Everytime I hear the name of it it makes me sick. RIP AMANDA......Jess
Nathan   18 yrs old 2002 I guess he was not aware of what could happen do him when he took it. He was only 18 years old! RIP Nathan! Everyone will miss you!....Jamie
Albert Boyd Brasleton   66 yrs old 02/21/02 Al was 66 years old, and prescribed Oxycontin for pain associated with arthritis. He died of an accidental overdose of the medication.....Jeanne
Christopher Noonan     12/20/02 He did not know the dangers of oxycontin
Joeseph D Hampton IN 30 yrs old 06/06/00 My thoughts and prayers go out to all family, friends and loved ones of oxy deaths....Rhonda
Debra 'Debbie" Pincheck   50 yrs old 12/05/02 She was prescribed oxys and she didn't like them. In the fall of 2002, someone told her to crush the pill and it would work for her better. She was then hooked on the oxys
Eric Taylor   3/9/72 8/1/01 He had dreams of becoming a drummer one day.
Shannon's Brother     2002 My brother took oxycontin for chronic pain, he became very depressed and paranoid. On Nov. 20, 2002 he took his own life due to severe depression and paranoia r/t oxycontin, this drug is a killer in more ways than just overdoses...Shannon
tessa's dad   06/21/56 06/03/02  **He had been in alot of pain for many years .. no one knew one day we would come home and find him dead on the bedroom floor ..
LESIA DARLEEN PARKER DUPREE MO 40 yrs old 12/05/02 i will never understand how a dr. can give a addict as much pain killers that they want and on top of that the state of MO. pays the tab. it is just for the money.
Eddie   35 yrs old 01/22/03 Eddie was 35 and brought a smile to everyone he met...His death is still very fresh in our minds and we miss him already.
Mike French   18 yrs old 2003 You never know what it is like to loose somone untill a couple days later when it hits u THEY ARE NOT COMING BACK.
Abby's dad     07/27/01 My father was a good person, he was truly genuine, and he touched many hearts. He was a wonderful piano player and he also played guitar.
Elaine's Nephew VT 20 yrs old 2002 My 9 year old daughter and I visit his cemetary on a regular basis. It is quite an experience for both of us and it hurts alot
Shawn   15 yrs old 09/16/02 If you are a teeanger reading this, DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG...Marissa
Amber's Cousin   30 yrs old 2003 i thought she couldn't overdose on an oxy, but she did. if she can overdose anyone can.
Brandi's friend     10/29/02 Oxycontin can not only take the life of those abusing it, but destroy the lives of those left behind.
Ryan NO 25 yrs old 03/04/03 I hope your website will continue to educate people on this drug and prevent future senseless deaths
Matthew CT 22 yrs old 2003 My beautiful son Matthew died at the age of 22 at the hands of a 'doctor'. This drug pusher gave my son oxy, percocet, vicodin, xanax, tussinex...and more
Kenny   20 yrs old 03/03 I love you Kenny, and I miss you. Until we finally meet again...*...Steph
Eli   23 yrs old 03/30/03 Eli was an only child and now his parents have to bury him.
Kristin's sister     2002 An autopsy was done. Because only the prescribed amount of oxycontin was in her system
Jeffery   22 yrs old 04/21/03 Jeffery was 22 years old and now his life is over becuase of how easily his friend could get to this stuff.
Richard     03/23/03 I miss half of me's gone and it hurts...more than I thought possible. It's amazing how one pill can affect your life..Amber
Chris   19 yrs old 03/13/03 if any one who is reading this who does drugs please i ask you not to....Brett
Donalle's Boyfriend     03/04/03 Finally he agreed to let me call a re-had and get him on the waiting list. Needless to say... he didnt make it.
nancy's Son   20 yrs old 05/03 PLEASE, someone needs to get the word out to everyone one about this killer drug!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ilya Fl   03/23/03 He was in the hospital for 5 days. March 25th at 5:00 pm Ilya was taken off life support, dying in his mother's arms....Katie
Luke   21 yrs old 06/06/00 He went to sleep and didn't wake up....gretchen
Nicole's friend     06/03 Your site has helped answer so many questions. Thanks.
teresa's Son   19 yrs old 09/23/01 I can not believe teenagers are still dying from this do we make this stop...
Lewis Sexton Jacksonville Fl   07/02 He suffered from a car accident and the doctors perscribed Oxycontin for him
Joshua LA   03/09/03  In Louisiana I can tell you there has been 4 deaths in the last month from Oxycotin
Nick AZ 18 yrs old 06/23/03 I know his parents are just as shocked as I am and they need our thoughts and prayers.Molly
mandy's Brother TX 26 yrs old 06/16/03 His brother had died 6 months earlier due to oxycontin.A few months before that another guy had died in his front yard from taking oxycontin
Doctor SC 39 yrs old 06/25/03 My best friend's husband who was a DOCTOR overdosed two days ago on Oxycontin. Her life is shattered.
Tom's friend   18 yrs old 2003 People more concerned about gun control than this street killer taking our youg people
Teddi's sisterinlaw     06/03 she had been taking prescribed Oxy for about a year for a very painful knee
Devin   30 yrs old 05/03 When u see someone u love die it makes u aware of it all and my heart goes out to everyone whose lost someone to this terrible drug.RIP DEVIN,,,Love Jess
Lee WV 32 yrs old 07/05/02 I miss Lee. And my heart goes out to everyone that has ever lost someone
Steven's dad     02/19/03 it has been very painfull to go through this,but it is good to know that there are other people out there who have gone or are going through what iam going through now.
Mike's Friend   35 yrs old 01/26/03 He left behind a beloved father, 4 year old daughter and alot of brokenhearted friends.
Jesse Link   15 yrs old 2003 lovin memeory of jesse link... the sad thing is he was only 15...i love you jesse...jessica
Roger Chandler Jr   04/18/76 04/26/02 He missed her first word wich was dada. So I hope my story will make people relize how much you can loose from taking these pills
Ronnie Corinth,MS   2003 many people in corinth are addicted to this drug.
Chris NJ 23 yrs old 2003 Chris was 23 years old and had just been accepted to the law school program at NYU after graduating from Rutgers University
Taryn's dad     10/05/02 He had battled a devastating pain pill addiction for nearly 20 years but the Oxy was the last straw
Charlie   25 yrs old 2002 use your brain. Abusing Oxy's doesnt make you "cool" or "poplular"...they make you dead.
Matt   21 yrs old 07/21/03 Matt is and we will miss him deeply. He was a good guy, with a good heart and a good friend to my son.
KK   60 yrs old 04/11/03 My mom had been on this Oxycontin for about 2 years
Patrick's friend     2003 My friend took Oxy one night and that night was his last
Michael   13 yrs old 08/09/03 I hope that this letter can save a life of a child who may be contemplating taking this killer drug.
Lauren's friend     2001 hurts like hell 143 MC...xo
Sad Friend   39 yrs old 2003 . He got hooked after back surgery
Andy   29 yrs old 07/04/03 he was getting periodic cortisone shots and of course, Oxycontin
Adam   23 yrs old 08/17/03 now it's over due to Oxycontin and what a's meant to help cancer patients..but what it's really doing is wiping out a generation =(..thanks for letting me share my story.
TAM FL   03/03/03 I told her "Tam whatever you do stay the hell away from Oxycontin."
Melaney Farrington   23 yrs old 10/14/02 The Doctor gave them to her after a bad car crash
Crockett AK 26 yrs old 2003 My heart breaks ever day for my baby brother, and feel so sorry for all who have lost family and friends to this drug....Julie
John Cochran   19 yrs old 2003 he did it,drank a few beers an went to sleep later an never woke up!I hope the asses that had him do that pill rot in hell!
Tony     2003 the Dr. in his stupidity, gave him Oxycotin. Tony's reaction to the drug was horrible. Shakes and throwing up alot and jerking motions
Stephanie's friend     10/04/03 She was suposed to be a bridesmaid in my wedding on October 11 2003, but she ODed on October 4th, 2003. I found out when I called to tell her to go get her dressed sized, her parents had just found her lifeless in her bed.
Mark's Brother CT   09/16/03 I wish I had called more. Love you and as always still looking up to you. Mark
Sandy's husband     2003 my husband was prescribed oxycontin for back and leg pain. yes - the pain was severe, but not severe enough to be prescribed something that would manipulate his brain enough to allow him to kill hisself
Cristy's Cousin     2003 but the people who made these meds readily available to him should be taken off the street or this will happen again!
Michelle's Friend   18 yrs old 2003 She was smart, beautiful, funny, a straight A student, a cheerleader, had plans to go to college and could cheer me up no matter how bad I felt.
Phillip James   29 yrs old 08/31/03 He has a beautiful 4 year old daughter who doesnt understand why her daddy died. We all miss him and love him very much.
Connie's brother     07/04/03 I just wish that they never had invented oxycontin. It is such a very bad drug. *I feel that doctors' should not give this out to anyone as a perscription, as it has caused so many deaths already
Matthew Taylor FL 18 yrs old 06/19/03 . I know he never knew the dangers and posibility of death by using this drug. He and his friends were simply at a party and having a good time.
Sheils'a Grandson     07/02/02 We are still reeling from this tradgey. It was 2 weeks before his wedding, & his grandfather was to be his best man.
Wayne     10/21/03 i had another friens overdose on oxycontin in may.... this stuff is taking the lives of too many people.... there needs to be an end.....Amanda
Vinny Rosa     10/29/03 Yesterday one of my close friends died of an overdose of Oxycontin. He took an 80mg OC nd 3 Methadone pills. He was only 19... RIP Vinny Rosa 10/29/03
Chris   19 yrs old 10/24/03 please anyone reads about oc's knows it;s a killer but hopefully yur friends will help yu and not leave yu dead, miss yu badly chris love mom
Crystal's friend   23 yrs old 05/12/03 This drug is causing way more pain than its helping. She was 23 years old her whole life ahead of her, she never got to live because of these drugs!!
Crystal   21 yrs old 10/10/03 She got hooked on in only a few months ago. Which i never new anything about.
Pam   41 yrs old 10/24/03 She had been on oxycontin over three years. I was not aware of the damage this drug causes
Anthony F DeSantis Port ST Lucie,FL 14 yrs old 05/27/01 Thru the date of his death, OXY was responsible for 8 deaths in the county already!  8 - ALREADY!
When does it end?

At a town meeting due to the number of deaths, a representative from Perdue Pharm. had the nerve to stand there and say to the crowd that they were "looking into" what can be done.
That is not enough! Stop manufacturing this killer drug so it will stop killing innocent people!

Steve Hill Steiner FL 4-20-81 01-28-00
You are my shining light through my darkest hours.
Kami Nicole Bennett Deland FL 11/30/81 06/05/03 We all miss you Kami, we love you very much, your family and friends
Jason Petro Lafayette, LA 25 yrs old 04/13/01 There are in the end three things that last - faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.  We love Jason.
Johnny Allen Huckabay Houston ,TX 01/12/59 11/06/03
Missed and loved by sister and family.
Michael MIKEY MAC   4/07/63 10/25/03
In loving memory of our precious Michael:  husband,  father,  son,  grandfather,  stepdad,  brother,  grandson.  We will miss you every day until we meet again.   We adore you and you are irreplaceable in our lives and hearts.  We are grateful that we had you for 40 years and that we can cling to and cherish every memory of our lives with you.  May God hold you in the palm of his hand until we meet again.......All our love,   your family.
Tyler Scott Nielsen Camarillo,CA 4/26/82 02/06/03 My family and I will never be the same. I miss you Ty.....Haley
Tony's dad   41 yrs old   My father was 41 years young and was robbed of the rest of his life by this drug and it manufacturers.Something has to be done about this company making a "DEATH DRUG"
Bob Lockren Deltona FL     I think what you all are doing is great keep up the good work. If you save only one it is worth it.
Mckay Ballard     10/24/03  RIP Mckay Ballard YOU ARE LOVED BY MANY!!!!
Robbie   19 yrs old 11/07/03 Now he will never marry, have children and grow old. How sad this is for our children today. It should only be prescripted to people with severe pain.
Pamela's friend   4-20-81 01-28-00
You are my shining light through my darkest hours.


Tonya's dad   44 yrs old 2003 He had been prescribed oc's 6 years prior to his suicide for a bike accident, and obviously became physically addicted, then began to abuse them.
Dee   33 yrs old 10/21/03 She was taking oxycontin. That sunday she went to sleep and not knowing she would never wake up
Stephanie's EX     10/25/03
My 9 year old daughter now lives without her father. He's been on oxycontin since 1998 and died on October 25, 2003. What a shame. What a waste of life.
Sad Spouse      
His surgeon wrote him a prescription for OxyContin on Friday (the first time he had ever taken it) and he was dead by Sunday.
Daughter of Diseased     12/02 My mother died of an oxycontin overdose last december. She was in Chronic Pain from liver and breast cancer along with severe spinal pain.
CC   5-28-48 10-05-03 I had never heard of Oxycontin before until I read my Mom's autopsy report and found out that it was the leading cause of death.  I promised her that I would spend Thanksgiving's Day with her, it will be my first time visiting her grave since the funeral.   I love you Marmy, unconiditionally, the same way you loved me.  Love, Nina
Chris Pauzar Orlando, Fl 22 yrs old 11/25/03 Originally prescribed Oxy for a minor injury, he quickly found that more and more was needed to simply keep from feeling worse.
Brandon Stoffers Salt Lake, UT 09/23/74 11/27/03 I will miss You Bro Forever.
Take Care of me and watch over me.  Until We meet again
Jill Carol Skolek NJ 02/26/73 04/29/02 She was killed on April 29, 2002 because she had the misfortune of being prescribed OxyContin.
Christopher Clark   19 yrs old 2003  He was such a good kid always smiling and happy, Loved his family so much
Mercy     11/24/03  This is my dedication to her. I love and will miss her greatly. R.I.P Mercy ...Amanda
Michael James Soley Lansdale PA 24 yrs old 10/14/03  The web site  saved me from having a nervous breakdown. We Love you Mikey. And pray for everyone out there going thru this
Jay Terry Denver CO 24 yrs old 12/13/03  He will Be  missed by friends and family. We will be thinking of you always Jay. I ask the Lord, Please take good care of him and let him always be watching over us. 
David Paul McMoyler JR Moorpark CA 21 yrs old 07/31/81  Dave was a wonderful son, and we miss him everyday of our lives.
Daniel A Quinn Peoria IL 40 yrs old 10/14/03  He was an Air force veteran, worked for Caterpillar Inc..Loved and missed by family and friends.
Patricia's Brother     12/07//03  I just want to thank you for educating me and I am just sorry it was too late for your son and my brother.
K.A. Mason Abilene TX 40 yrs old 12/20/03  was given oxycontin by her physician for chronic back pain. k was a nurse who would never have taken this drug if she had known that the road it took her down would take her away from her husband and sons
Jimmy MI 45yrs old 12/23/03  we have not had a death in this side of the immediate family in  over 30yrs. and now oxy has changed that forever. never heard of this drug till today. never got the chance to tell ya you reminded me of john travolta with that smile and those looks. love you forever...
Derick Bloomfield Portsmouth OH 20 yrs old 12/22/03  died an oxy contin related death. He will be missed by all of his friends.
Crystal   21 yrs old 10/10/03  My life will never be the same again.She was only 21 years old Crystal will be missed forever until we meet in heaven I love you Crystal Honey.
Elizabeth Lemae Taylor Austin,TX 10/25/65 11/03/03  Her mother had just been murdered July 15,2003 and she had her throat cut also. Loved and Miss by her sisters...Darlene and Jackie
Matthew Joseph O'Brien Somerville,MA 09/07/84 11/03/01  Matty was the greatest, always smiling and laughing.  His death hit Somerville
hard but it didn't wake us all up in time.
Nicholas (NICKY) DiMella Medford,MA 20 yrs old 2001  died an oxycontin related death. He will be missed by all of his friends.
Chris Oreman Somerville,MA 21 yrs old 2003  Loved and Missed by all
Donavan Keith Strickland Tampa Fl 05/05/71 2003  Graduated with BA from FSU, 1999, which he loved dearly, anyone that knows my son thinks of FSU
Timothy Allen Bowman   12/27/82 2003  My son was just looking for something to stop the pain, why not a prescription drug, made by a company, not in someones bath tub. Pain pills, are safe?????????
Andrea Dawn Clark Port St Lucie,Fl 22yrs Old 01/06/01  With Love
Gary F, Gross Lexington Park,MD 01/29/47 12/22/03  We loved our brother so much, I can't begin to tell anyone who has lost someone the empty feeling we have....Sheri
Justin C Choate Jacksonville,AR 01/28/87 12/14/03  Even though it was his first try it was his last. I want kids out there to wake up and see that just because it may sound like all fun and games its not....
Jodi's Friend Fresno,CA 35 yrs Old 2003  Her sister was 35 years
old. Left behind three children.
Jack Dennis Heavner Jr   2/26/57 01/13/04  
loved missed but not forgotten

my brother committed suicide after numerous attempts to kick the oxycontin habbit, the pain of the withdrawals was so bad that it made a shotgun under the chin an easier alternative
Mary Jo Vanicky GA 06/02/56 07/27/00  Loving Mother and Wife
Accomplished Ballet Dancer
Greatly missed by her Husband and Family
"My Sweetie"
Matthew David Gersz East Haven CT 11/12/78 01/16/01 His absence is present in everything. Missing you so much. Loving you for eternity. Mom , Dad and Peter
J.B.J OH 02/07/63 11/23/03 His death has broken all our hearts. "The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost." G.K. Chesterton
Ben Wolman NJ 22 yrs old 01/18/04 he is missed by me very much.  he was my only brother
Cory Hayman Morehouse Parish LA 25 yrs old 09/11/03 left one brother, his parents, and four beautiful children,family loves him very much, and his mother misses him every day.
Megan Maryville TN 17 yrs old 02/20/04
Will be forever young!
very loved and will always be missed


Deb's son   20 yrs old 2004 he didn't even recognize withdrawal,neither did i until reading it here
Matt OR 20 yrs old 12/22/03 My bother had everything to live for and tho I know he is in a better place I know it is not the place he would have choesen to go if we would have known that it would mean the end for him. I Miss You Matt
Joanna     06/01/02 I know this was the first and last time she took the drug. I couldn't know for sure. since then in my area there have been 4 other deaths related to this drug.
Brett Andrew Scott   17 yrs old 01/31/04 I LOVE YOU BRETT, AND I WISH YOU WERE HERE WHERE YOU BELONG!!!
Brandy's brother     07/04/03 Missed by sis and family
Lisa's husband   41 yrs old 01/25/04 prescribed oxycontin for back pain due to an injury he recieved when he was a child.
Joe Brandon   44  yrs old 06/21/03 He started taking oxy towards the end of January 2003 and by June 21, 2003 he was gone
Christopher Clark Owosso MI 07/24/84 10/24/03 It is not the dregs of the city dying from drugs, its our beautiful children...who just didnt make a good choice that day R. I. P. Little brother XOXOXO  
Ricardo C Rodriguez Port Richey FL 49 yrs old 08/27/03 He was my best friend and husband. He has a beautiful daughter he will never walk down the isle. He was a firefighter paramedic dedicated to helping others.
Trina Lefort Osceola Mills PA 10/31/68 04/24/02
My young beautiful wife was finally killed by doctors prescribing her Oxycontin. They got her addicted several years ago and even when she would try to get help through rehabs, every time she went to an appointment they would just prescribe stronger and more doses of that poison.
 I love her and miss her every day.......Cj


Matthew R Naumes Medford OR 11/12/81 11/21/03
Not a day goes by where I do not think about him and grieve. He was my baby brother and could have been my son. I know he is in a better place. I feel his presense daily and hope he will forever be my guardian angel.
I miss you Matt..TAMARA


Matthew P Dwiel  FL 32 yrs old 03/01/04 My boyfriend died from oxycontin. He was in severe pain due to a ruptured disc...Always in my heart...Karla
Jeff Oglesby OH 29 yrs old 10/10/03 Prescribed oxycontin for a shoulder injury. Tried to wean off and dead 3 days later.
Wayne "Sunny" Roache Hollywood, FL 02/16/76 03/12/03 You are in heaven with your little brother and you are both at your dad's knee. Love you always, MOM
Marc Fry Sonora, CA 44 yrs old 04/03 Within 3 months of being prescribed oxycontin he was dead.
Steven Ray Simmons Sarasota, FL 01/05/78 02/23/03 Always in our thoughts, continuously in our hearts.....Melissa
Theresa's Brother     02/10/04 Prescribed oxy and tried to get off. Was clean for 3 weeks and the doctor gave him another script against the families wishes.
Randall Shawn Knight     03/13/04 Shawn you will be dearly missed ,we love you ...Jamie...something must be done to stop this drug
Ashley's Dad KY 40 yrs old 02/04 I miss my dad.....
Jenny's Friend     08/03 He was born on Valentine's day and was our groups sweetheart. I begged him to stop but he couldn't
Mandy's Brother     2003 He never abused the drug but was severely addicted
Annette's 4 friends   18,19,22   I do not know what this drug does but they all had a long life ahead of them.
Lauren   36 yrs old 02/04 Oxycontin does kill.......Wendy
Patty's Husband     06/19/03 He suffered from back pain and was prescribed oxycontin in january which killed him in june
Sheila's friend   36 yrs old   Was prescribed oxycontin after a cesarian section as was dead before her baby was 2 weeks old.
Brent Braddock Jacksonville FL 22 yrs old 10/29/03 We still struggle every day to come to grips with this senseless death.  We love
and miss you soooo much.  Rest in peace, my dear son.  Love, mom, dad and Mark
Eric Street Bloomington In 39 yrs old 05/00 It sad to think about him he was so pretty. Laveda
Jennifer Lisa Sendmeyer   40 yrs old 02/06/04 She had just received the medication for her back pain a couple of days before her death.

My mother was such a wonderful person everyone loved her we never expected for this to happen to her..April

Michael A. Kessler Stuart Fl 06/27/64 03/20/04 Mike, my love, my will be forever in my heart and missed and loved by all who knew you.
Megan Leigh Williams Farmington MO 11/19/79 03/10/04 Leaving behind a son, parents, sisters, many other family and friends.
Juan C Perea (junior) Stuart Fl 23 yrs old 04/04/04 my family was devastated by the death of  the youngest
of seven children, I had never heard of this drug before and am shocked by finding this
Nieves C Arambul Orlando Fl 05/13/77 12/26/03 If love alone could have saved you, you   never would have died
Jeff Ogelsby     11/11/03 Jeffy - bear, we love you with all of our hearts and miss you... oh so much.Love Always & Forever,
Dad, Mom,Kevin, Dana & Grandma Betty
Jason Tackette MI 22 yrs old 04/24/04 I appreciate your awareness of this drug, which I consider to be a tool of the devil.
Matthew R Waterson Palm Coast FL 08/20/83 03/16/04 Sadly missed by Family and friends.
Trevor Dee     01/30/04 Please visit Trevor's page.
Chris Young   21 yrs old 2002 Missed more than words can ever explain - Debra
Jamie Henderson Niles OH 24 yrs old 2004 R.I.P Jamie, you'll always be with me, love Jennifer
Lavonia Buffered Clarksdale MS 57 yrs old 01/15/01 You are missed and loved by your Daughter very much....
William Z Manos JR Newman GA 18 yrs old 05/23/04 There are much more teens abusing this drug then people think
John Abersold Lansdowne PA 25 yrs old 01/23/04 Missed by many.
Larry Bruce Hendrix Pompano Beach FL 02/09/64 02/22/04 He was a loving husband, father, son, brother and child of God
Jason   24 yrs old 04/02/04 Loved by stepmom and sibling's and family
Judy's son   17 yrs old 2001 Prescribed it after tonsil's were removed and was never THE SAME.
Brad   25 yrs old 04/13/04 I love you with all my heart Brad...Ashlee
Sue's stepdaughther   24 yrs old 03/10/04 She tried 5 rehabs but could not beat this terrible dug.
Michael   36 yrs old   Prescribed oxy for back pain.
Justin   24 yrs old 01/14/04 The drugs hurt us all
Alicia's mom     01/14/01 Dead 2 days after filling her prescription
Kraig Michael       Oxy is real easy to buy on the street...I love u...Missy
Peter Black   23  yrs old 03/23/04 broke his family's heart. I am outraged how these companies push DRUGS ON US...MOM
Angela's Aunt Nova Scotia   01/04 Forgot how much she took and passed away in her sleep.
Ralph     2004 We lost him in 98 when he was prescribed oxycontin.
Aubrey Thornhill Maui HI 25 yrs old 06/03/04 How can the makers of this drug sleep at nite?
George Temple   45 yrs old 01/05/02 Missed by his friend Tim
Richard's Nephew   18 yrs old 06/05/04 Died the first time he tried it.
Quincy Madsen Clovis,CA 24 yrs old 04/2004 Loved by everyone, I miss him daily - Ali
Jeremiah Jason Randolph (twinky) Springdale OH 19 yrs old 05/31/03 We all MISS YOU - Aunt Donna a legal drug that kills with NO second chance..
Dan Vrendenburg bhc AZ 44 yrs old 01/21/04 He was a loving husband,father,brother..Missed by all
Brandon Michael Smith Wewoka OK 07/12/80 05/12/04 In memory of our awesome son who was not a drug user or abuser.
Chad Gregory Gardiner London Ontario CA 26 yrs old 05/28/04 I lost my son,  my heart, my first born child.
Brian Simmons MD 19 yrs old 09/22/03 he combined oxy with alcohol one night at a party and in the morning his friend found him
Jerry Sykes AK 65 yrs old 02/20/04 this wonderful father and grandfather spent 20 long hard years of his life as a sheriffs deputy and 8 years as chief deputy in this small arkansas county.sadly enough one of these drugs he would have kept out of our homes and off the streets got the better of him.thanks oxycontin          your son steve
Charlotte Bryson Dalton GA 46 yrs old 05/20/02 Not a Day goes by, that I don't think of you , or see your face in my dreams, I love you mom, then, now and for always. Missed more than words, your Daughter, and grandchildren
Stephen Keith Rury Arlington Texas 17 yrs old 06/20/04

Father's day

The things I will  miss about Stevie Weavie
Brandon Taylor HI 20 yrs old 06/11/04 Am I focusing on the last eight hours of his life or on his 5 minute decision that ended with a tragic result?  No.  I am focusing on the 20 wonderful, beautiful years that I had with him.
Shawn Randall Knight Sprinfield TN 22 yrs old 03/13/04 You are loved and Missed
Connie Calgary,CN 38 yrs old 08/06/03 They could always find a willing doctor to hand them out like candy.In Connie's medical records I found doctors who gave her over 600 oxycontin in one month
Nicole Calgary,CN 34 yrs old 08/06/03
Dam the doctors who so freely gave oxycontin to her and dam the people who make the killer pill!!!


Marcus Wayne Franks Jasper Al 12/17/71 07/01/03
marc was my best friend, and every day that passes i wonder if he would still be alive if this drug was never  approved. Amanda


Buddy Green Memphis TN 12/29/77 08/09/04
Loved by many....the song has ended but the melody lingers on.

You were my best friend and my love was and is unconditional.  My life will never be the same.

All my love,


Edna Clark Missoula MT 64 yrs old 03/24/04
she will always be missed by her family and freinds.


Michael Allen Brannam Missoula MT 02/15/79 06/29/02
mathematical genius tested twice,died at the age of 23 at home in his bed overdose of oxycotin, 
Anthony Banks   25 yrs old 05/14/03
He is missed by everyone that knew him. We love you and miss you so much!! You were my only brother. Your nephew "Riley"  still talks about ya from time to time! He still calls you "Woo-Woo" =) I'm sure that would mean the world to ya! You will never be forgotten!
Love Your Sister, Kelly
Shane White AK 15 yrs old 09/25/04
Shane you will always be missed and loved by many.  You were the life of the party and always made people laugh.  We miss you and will always love you. Im so sorry that you had to be taken away at such a young age.


Erin Maureen Collins Cheyenne WY 19 yrs old 06/11/04
She was full of life and had the greatest sense of humor and love -- she was the one telling everyone to get off of drugs and alcohol, to get up and do something with their lives -- Erin did have a back problem and I suppose somehow she found someone to give her "relief"


David Stevens LA 02/16/77 12/21/01
life will never be the same- our hearts will never heal.  we'll meet you in heaven. love mama, daddy, becky


Kyle Wingham   18 yrs old 06/21/04
He was visiting with friends and they had a party the night before he was to come home.  Tragically he never made it. I will never be the same and I find it appalling that this drug is available to persons in their home.  It is a Drug that should only be administered in a hospital via IV.  I will forever miss my son.


Ben NY 24 yrs old 12/05/03
Not a day goes by Ben


Joseph   24 yrs old 08/25/04
He was a great kid and did well in high school.  Football. basketball and track. 


Richard Boston MA 08/20/60 06/20/04
HI I just want to start by saying that I am so glad that somebody has put up a website like this. I knew this drug was a killer but I didn't realize how horrible it truly was until my father started taking it. I am glad that somebody has set up a site like this for people to realize how serious of a problem this is.
On Father's day this year my brother and I lost our father. There is no reason for this.
We love him and miss him more than words can express.



Dave Michael McCoy South Jordan UT 19 yrs old 2004
He was one of my good friends a role model.
Im only 16 years old and he was like an older brother to me.

reminice back on that tragic day, my phone rung
And a sad voice tellin me, Dave was gone home
It was like a knife piercing my chest and I couldn't breath
I didn't wanna accept it, didn't wanna believe it
I swear with my life, I cried so hard
Literally, they had to carry me to the car
While I stand in his room now its tearin me apart
But I had to let it out cause it was tearin at my heart
Cause he died over somethin so petty and so small
A human life is so very precious I hope ya'll
Understand how I'm feelin cos I love you Dave
I wanna chill wit you, laugh wit you, hug you Dave
But I can't and you was so close to seein dreams
A pill came along and took you away from the team
So don't mistake this poem, as just another one
This goes out to everyone who lost a loved one.


Kristi Mitchell CA 18 yrs old 10/29/04
She was definately loved very much, even those who didn't know her are still hurting. God Bless, and sweet dreams.



Brandon Micheal Smith Wewoka OK 23 yrs old 05/15/04
Brandon?s friends filled his grave to the top, all of them waited to step up and say goodbye.


Shane Brooks WV 23 yrs old 2002
I live in Oceana, West Virginia. Oxy abuse is common. I was once hooked on this drug and thank God am finally clean. However, it took losing some of my best friends to open my eyes. I hope the rest of my friends and family follow my lead....Here is a list of loved ones we have lost. May God bless them and their families.




Kenneth Workman WV 27 yrs old 03/04


Sammie Workman WV 35 yrs old 2004


Angie Osborne WV 35 yrs old 2004


Joey Perea Fort Smith,AR 20 yrs old 06/30/04
Life as we knew it is forever changed now
The Perea Family



Billy OH 24 yrs old 11/13/04
such a sad end for such a beautiful person


Mary Grace Wright   18 yrs old 07/15/04
We miss and love her more than we can express.
Mom,Dad, Bobby and Chris 
"A Little Pink Rose"
A little pink rose in our garden grew
The tiniest one of all
Twas kissed by the sun'
Caressed by the dew
O little pink rose in our garden
O little ink rose was you
O little pink rose of your parents heart
Have you faded and gone away,
Has the gardener gathered our little pink rose
For his loveliest garden today
Did he need one more blossom
Of your size and hue
And was that the reason
The gardener chose you.
O little pink rose of your parents heart
Have you faded and gone away.
                     _Carrie Jacobs Bond_



Graham Roller Lees Summit ,MO 21 yrs old 10/05/02
He was to smart for this to happen , who ever gave him this Killer Drug your day will come !       Pops.


Roy E Davis (Butch) Decatur, IL 07/30/68 01/11/01
Missed and loved by parents, sister, brother in law, and nephews



Selena's friend     2004
I really want this reported. Her two children have lost their mother, and she is greatly missed by her freinds. She wasn't some drug user


Patrick Stewart San Diego, CA 24 yrs old 07/09/04
Him and his friends thought that trying just one wouldn't hurt because it was a FDA approved drug.


Ellis Hatcher III Middleburg, FL 06/07/64 05/19/04
He is dearly missed by all who knew him.  There is a hole left in my heart that no pill will ever cure.  I know that he is in a better place watching over his family.




Thomas Schneegas Jr   39 yrs old 09/25/01
He was legally prescribed this drug by his doctor for severe back pain due to an auto accident. His autopsy stated the level of oxycontin alone was at a known lethal  level
Bonnie Crawford Urch Erie,PA 02/05/49 06/22/04
She had a bachelors in psychology and traveled to many different places throughout her life.She was the love of my life.I briefly posted my story in your guestbook.I think that your site is wonderful.We really need to up the awareness.God Bless.
Nathan Jones Belding MI 11/09/78 06/12/00
Nathan i hope heaven is making you smile each and everyday. My sister and I miss you so much. love Rae and Sadie
Amanda's Brother   32 yrs old 09/21/04
This powerful drug took over my brother and it cost him his life. 
LISA CRANE TX 30 yrs old 2004
I miss her so much see was my best friend...I have written poems about her.
Thomas Evans Oldcoyote Jr Milwaukee WI 23 yrs old 03/03/02
Forever in our hearts.We love you T.J. Love your,


Curren J Cossey      
Kurt Brad Kupfer Salt Lake City,UT 23 yrs old 12/22/04
his sister and other younger brother will never be the same.  But most of all his father who tried to fight every battle and demon for Kurt, who tried to save his first born son from the clutches of drugs will never recover, never be the same and the world will never know what was destroyed and lost that day.
Alvin Shina
West Bloomfield, MI
10/11/88 01/07/05 "The Good Die Young"

Alvin, We will always love and miss you. May you
forever REST IN PEACE.
Steven Austin Goddard

03/31/63 06/25/00
My only brother, Steven, did not die of an overdose of oxycontin.  He was, instead, so terribly addicted to this potent killer - taking five 40's a day - that when he had a surgery, he went through his prescription in three days.   He had just had one of his cancerous testicles removed (his prognosis was excellent) and the pain was excruciating.  His doctor didn't know he had become addicted to oxycontin.
Steven suffered horrendous, terrible pain as a result of his oxycontin abuse.
Screaming alone in pain, he brought himself to write a loving letter to his family.
Then he put a bullet in his heart.
The contempt I feel for the makers and prescribers of this drug is tremendous.  Every single day, the pain finds it's way back to me and becomes a veritable dagger.
Nobody should have to live with the knowledge that their loved one suffered so in their lasts hours on this earth.
Each day I quietly celebrate the joy I had in knowing and loving my brother Steven.


Jim Doug Charles
  01/05 Missed by family and his friend Andrew
Arthur (JR) Napier

Janice Napier


hi  i have lost 3 family members in less than 6 months due to oxycontin. its just ridiculous.oxycontin sucks....arthur napier died first in april 2004.he left behinda wife ,son,daughter,grandson,mother,sisters and brothers and he is missed deeply by all.everyone called him JR he was from pompano fl and was his daughter 18 days laterand her name was janice napier she was 25 and from pompano was her cousin,my nephew shane  25   he died in september and was from  fl . could you write i"ll be missing you,and to any family or friends that are still taking oxys please quit thats what shane would want.....shane will be missed greatly by his mom dad brother neice cousins aunts uncles grandmother and his dog


Kyle Lewis
Coeur d Alene,Idaho
  09/23/04 Please reply-Kyle left behind a 2 year old daughter two step-kids and a loving wife who all miss him very much.  Thank you, Stacy Lewis
Kyle Staggs MO
25 yrs old 08/11/04 He is missed by so many, especially myself...Judith
Ellis FL
  2005 hope Purdue knows how readily available this drug has become, that it?s getting into the wrong hands of idiots who take it for pleasure and share it with people who are unsuspecting of it?s danger.  I knew my boyfriend for 16 years.  I wanted to marry and have a little girl with him.  We had already picked out her name.  I miss him every minute of every day.  He made the decision to snort it, but someone also made the decision to make it available.  I love you and miss you Ellis
Cheryl ( Sherry ) Lynn Robbins

Pamela Sue Evans







Two souls gone within the wind
Two sisters, Two best friends
Proceeded in death a year apart,
There sharing their love, Because they have to big hearts. Rockey Robbins



Michelle Almon Dunkirk NY 36 yrs old 02/20/05 nursing student, very bright student, good friend and loving mother of a 7 year old son died on 2-20-05 in front of her little boy from taking too many oxycontin.  She will be sadly missed by a lot of people including the author of this memorial, Debbie Skelly, friend and nursing school classmate
Micheal Hammond
16 yrs old 10/30/03 Mike left behind his mom Debbie, dad Bob, older sister Taren, all of his friends,and his 8 year old brother Jonny. Mike was Jonny's hero.  I love you Mikey.  ...ASH
kim's Mom
my mother died two weeks ago as a result of oxycontin addiction. is there any legal action being taken against this drug company


Tony Hamilton
  11/08/03 Sadly missed by Chris and Diane and Amy.
Loving Father of Erica,Jay,Holly and Jessica
Soulmate to Carol.
Pray for the addict that still suffers

20 yrs old 2004 I rencently lost my baby brother to oxy accidental overdose he was 20. I work  in a clinic that also has the VA patients in it. Well with in the last 8 months since Joey died I have been told by patients that these Doctors are prescribing oxy to these vets for things like back pain and kidney pain which in my opinion is not right. They are handing this stuff out to freely
Bradley Joshua Higgins MA
08/05/86 12/05/04 Josh was a great student, lettered
in baseball, loved to golf, hunt and fish.  He was planning to start college in
January, taking criminal justice courses to be a cop, just like his uncle Jimbo
and Grandpa Jerry.  He had so much potential. 

His story sounds so much like your sons (and so many others). 
Debbie's Brother CA
45 yrs old 03/12/05 Apparently, my 45 year old brother was prescribed Oxycontin for chronic addition to Vicodan and several other medications.

My nephew just came to tell me that my brother went in to take a nap yesterday....and never woke up.

Why in the heck would anyone prescribe THIS drug to anyone who was also
taking other cns depressants?

I am flabbergasted that my Little Brother was even put into this position and now he is dead.....DEAD....for NO good reason.

Thanks for your website....I just didn't know....
Steve (nickname: Reno)
17 yrs old 07/21/04 Reno 420* we miss you every day. Aaron and I are buying your car - the woofers will get use, don't worry man. I know we'll see you one day. I pray that you have found the happiness you'd searched for so often.
kenneth elbridge rose
Jennifer Hawkins
24 yrs old 03/20/05
May her mother and brothers be in everyones prayers at this diffacault time.
Thank you
A Caring Friend.


Marcos Antonio Padua
Houston TX 02/26/87 03/27/05 He was a honor student about to graduate, and a Lt Commander of the Junior ROTC.  He was an inspiration to many, but suffered from lack of the knowledge of what this drug can do.  He was a great kid, and I will miss him so much.
Marcos had a very special life.  He acheived more in his life than most individuals could acheive in their lifetime. 

 Marcos had many wonderful experiences, ranging from his travels to Europe, becoming a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and attaining his ultimate goal; skydiving.  He was handsome in more ways that just his looks.  He was an example of success. 




Lloyd William Voerg Republic MO
01/11/81 05/25/05 My Son was a victim of Oxycontin and sadly his life ended on May 24, 2005, he was 24 years old and leaves behind a 3 year old daughter
Survived by three brothers, two sisters, and his beautiful daughter along with numerous other relatives and friends
Frank   35 yrs old 05/27/05 The doctor told Frank he needed to have all of the oxy out of his body in a week and a half.. because the anisthetic for surgery causes difficulties.... So Frank did what he was told to do...This man wanted so badly grow old with his wife and two kids. He promised them....
Judy A. Sommers Port Charlotte FL 11/18/49 2005 My mother was an extremely giving person...she would go to all the local stores in her town and would get donations every year prior to school starting and would then purchase supplies for local children.  She was heavily involved with the Salvation Army.  I just don't understand why this happened
Ellis Hatcher III Middleburg FL 06/07/75 05/19/04
Ellis was a loving and caring person.  Everyone fell in love with him. 
He had the best personality.  He is thought of daily in our dreams
and in our prayers.  We miss him so much.  He left us too soon.  I
never imagined life without him around!!
Love Always,


Liz's son   22 yrs old 05/30/05 He went into an outpatient Methodone rehab program and died on the 5th day of detox!!!!! 22 years old; he will never have a wife; he will never have children; he will never have grandchildren and he will never grow old........His life is gone; a beautiful loving young man that whould do anything for anyone.
Franklin L Grove   08/26/69 05/27/05 IN LOVING MEMORY OF A GREAT FATHER & LOVING HUSBAND & FRIEND..The family want people to know that oxycontin kills..PLEASE don't let your loved ones take this killer....This pill should be banded off the shelves and out of the hands of every-one...
Adam Luke Coley   1980 2001 Adam was my brother and my closest friend. He had it all, a close loving family, a girlfriend, college and a job...Compared to most of his friends, he had already "made it.".
Jennifer CA 05/17/81 03/20/05 We will remember, your big brown eyes, that shined just like your Mom's,Pearl Necklaces and little girl Dresses, Songs, Bands and lots of friends, Your Mom and Brothers you loved very much, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, And grandparents Too...., "Ditto" back at you..., We all have our special memories, And you will never be forgotten. Please spread your wings and watch over us. This is not the end...We will all be together again. I love you with all my Heart Aunt RaDonna
Brian   53 yrs old 04/17/05 He had been on oxycontin for about 3-4 years and his latest dosage was 40mg
Michael Franklin
Ontario Canada
15 yrs old 03/13/05 Sadly missed by friends and family.  Hopefully his death will not be for
nothing.  Hopefully his friends will learn from this mistake.
Chad KY 21 yrs old 07/22/04
All of your family and friends love and miss you so much. Though you are gone, we will never forget the good memories and times we've shared with you. Love, Jeanne
Paul Martin Cross
Oak Grove, VA 27 yrs old 04/11/05 Sorely Missed and Loved by his Mother Katherine and Father Melvin, Brother Brent and Uncle Martin Cross. Gone but not forgotten....
Kayla Grandinetti Lake Ariel, Pa 16 yrs old 06/10/05
She will truly be missed by more people than she ever imagined loved her.  I was the only child my whole life.  I always wanted a sibling.  Got one when I was 23 only to have her gone so so soon from my life.  The pain is more than I can bear.
Christin L. Griffith
Shelbyville Indiana
01/10/83 06/26/05
Well now you are free Christina. You taught so many so much and you will never be forgotten
Susan Clare Lynn MA 10/13/57 06/29/05
Lovingly missed by her son Alex and her sister Maureen Clare and several family members and friends. 
Jesse Owen Younker Oak Grove, VA 07/03/81 07/04/05 I feel the same way that everyone else does in that I want everyone to know his story in hopes that something will be done about it.
Billy Ray Tucker Jr LaGrange, GA
27 yrs old 04/25/03
He is missed by his daughter Allison who is now 3 years old. He is a great loss
to the entire family. I can't wait till I can see you again in a far better
place. I will always love you. Even through your destruction from Oxycotin you
were always a good man. Love to you always, Sissy
Brandon Koby Holmes TX 06/25/82 12/21/03
till i looked at your website it felt like i was the only one suffering from a stupid "pill". there was one memorial i read where the sister or cousin keeps calling the phone just to hear his voice. it has been a year and a half and i still call his phone and i know his parents do to. it is so comforting to hear koby say hi.
Ryan Cassidy LA 17 yrs old 03/31/03
tSadly missed and deeply loved.  Mom,Jay,Richard and James
Barbara Strong FL 40 yrs old 05/13/02
Not a day goes buy you are not in our thoughts and our hearts.  Deeply missed by your son, daughter, sister, mother, father, grandmother and friends.



I am hoping that in sending
 this letter to you, that
 you will have the
 resources to yell to the 
highest tower that this drug
 is bad, and the proper
 education needs to not only 
go to patients, but to any doctor 
that might ever
 come into contact, prescribe,
 or treat the effects
 of this medicine. 
Lane Price Statesville NC.
19 yrs old 05/23/05
Lane will be missed for an eternity...he was my best friend,my little brother,and my hero....
Dashielle Unkefer     04/10/05 Missed by family especially his MOM
Eric Tampa Bay,FL 31 yrs old 08/12/05
We are so
saddened. I am a nurse and every time I hear of another death, I ask myself Why?
There are so many manufacturer's that can produce a less lethal effective way to
combat chronic pain. I hold them and the people who dispense this drug accountable.


Frank   01/23/59 10/09/02 Missed by family and friends.
John Picini Jr LasVegas NV 19 yrs old 10/02/05
John will be making beautiful music in Heaven
We will all miss you 
 Love your cousins Tara, Katie & Renee
Eddie Chicago IL 08/21/75 09/29/05 I loved him very much and there will never be a day where i will not think of him and smile and then be sad for what could and should of been. He was my EddieBear and will never be forgotten. farwell Ed, love Glenna
Adam J Neubauer Lancaster NY 25 yrs old 04/25/05 MY BELOVED BROTHER DIED AS A RESULT OF THIS HORRIBLE DRUG
Jack Touey Austin TX   11/08/05
He will always be missed and dearly loved by the one who stood by his side until his untimely death.  I love you, Jackie. B


Brian L Miller   29 yrs old 12/19/05
Loved and missed by brothers mother and nieces and nephews.
Sean Michael Kelley London KY 25 yrs old 09/18/05 Our family will never be the same after suffering this loss.   We loved him more than words can express and would have done anything to help him.  We will always miss Sean.  Sincerely, Pat Kelley
William (B.J) Judson Colbert Valrico FL 29 yrs old 12/03/05 B.J. we all miss you so much. Going forward something good we want to come from your death if not just the fact that your death has drawn us so much closer. You have our hearts beloved you always have had them and you always will. We love and miss you.
Glenn   38 yrs old    

Glenn was a roofer and fell off a roof. One morning, he didn't wake up.  They said his "heart stopped", it was found to be enlarged and damaged from constant drug abuse.  OXY ABUSE.  Not heroin, not crack, not was a drug prescribed by a doctor for pain that turned into a prescription for death. 

Troy P Sands Muscoda WI 6/18/65 11/12/05 oxy overdose,accidental Muscoda wi 53573.        ,Loved by Wendy,Amber ,Andy,donna paul.We will be seeing you in heavenwe loved you so much i hope you know that now
James Donald Roszelle 3rd (Jack)   1 DAY old 08/01/01
My adopted baby James Donald Roszelle 3rd (Jack) was born July 31, 2001. The hspital was unfamilar with the withdrawl symptons and sent him home with where he died at 42 hours old.  You can google his name and find many articles.  He was the first innocent victim to die from secondary Oxycontin use.   Unfortunately my  husband never got over the shock of losing this most wanted child and died 13 months later.  Thank you,  Laurie Roszelle
Luanne Wright     12/08/05
My sister, LuAnne Wright, lost her medicaid benefits and was plunged into cold-turkey withdrawal from prescribed oxycontin (for chronic pain).
She shot herself on December 8, 2005, one week after her 41st birthday.
She was very loved by all who knew her, especially her daughter Shannon, 10.
John's friend     2005

My good friend was a successful business man. He had been sober in AA for many years. His back was very bad and was afraid of his dependence to percoset. His doctor told him of a new drug oxycontin that would be safe for him to use because it would not give him the rush of percs.

I ended up taking him to a rapid detox in Phoenix to help him get of these highly addicting pills. It did not work. He ended up having doctors all over the country so he could get more of them.

When he could get no more he ended up drinking very heavily for several weeks then killed him self by shooting himself in the chest.

I guess it is not that funny.

The doctor was told by the pharmaceutical rep that this drug was safe for patients with addiction problems. Good marketing huh.


Charles(chuckie) Engstrom III IN 11/29/88 12/18/05 Chuckie will be missed by his family and his many friends. he has a memorial on xanga started by his friends
John C Whitmore NJ 37 yrs old 03/09/05 He was a dedicated father, husband, friend, brother, son and was loved by everybody. He took Oxycontin pills for the first time and overdosed, dying in his sleep. 
Peter Flynn Milwaukee WI 34 yrs old 02/19/06 peter was a kind person who never had anything bad to
say about anyone. he graduated from uw lacross and
from cardinal stritch with a high school teaching
certificate. he loved golf and he loved learning.
peter is deeply missed by his mother and sister and
friends and family. we will never stop loving him.

Deborah Mazur Enfield CT   03/14/06 Missed by family and friends.
Thomas Stevens Cleveland OH 32 yrs old 09/23/01
was prescribed oxycontin legally, and was given by so called "doctors". he had 100 pills on him when he died. it was for a work related injury.
may god forgive the doctor.....may god grant unto my brother eternal rest.
TRENISHIA ROSS Winston Salem NC 5 yrs old 07/21/04
Mary Flory Rio Rancho NM 49 yrs old 03/21/04
Mary was 49 when she died from the results of Oxycontin.  She was my soon to
be mother in law.  She died 5 months before I married her son.  In late
March 2004, she was rushed to the emergency room with a toxic mega colon.
She died two weeks later as a result of constipation caused by Oxycontin
which resulted in the mega colon and then septic shock.  She left behind so
many people who loved her.  She was a free spirit who loved everyone she
met.  Her light and her humor and her generosity touched so many people.
She was robbed of ever knowing her grandchildren, watching her son get
married, and god knows how many other wonderful experiences.  We placed a
chair with her mother of the groom corsage on stage when we got married, and
during the ceremony there was a moment of silence for her.  On what would
have been an otherwise joyous day, people were weeping, not from happiness,
but from loss.  Oxycontin robbed my husband of his mother and my children of
one of their grandmothers, and for that I will forever be infuriated.
Thomas Dowd Dover DE 44 yrs old  
HE WAS A FORMER UNION ROOFER #4 WAKE UP LOCAL#4 SON OF PATRICK DOWD.........................................................
Stanley Fox Pittsburg, MO 45 yrs old 04/27/06
He left behind 4 children, ages ranging from 4 to 26.
Son Joshua, Charles, Nathan and Daughter Bonnie, a brother, his parents, nephews and many other family members.
Withdrawls over came him, he poured gasoline over his body and set hiself on fire. Due to complications and all the suffering he would have had to go thru, losing limbs and having over 70% of his body burnt past the muscle, he passed away.
He will be greatly missed.
Logan J Darrell Boulder, CO 22 yrs old 06/18/06 Logan was my beloved nephew, he was a great kid daily camera boulder colorado paper
Ronny Capozo EastHaven, CT 11/17/73 06/24/06
Due to a knee injury was prescribed Oxy and was unable to win the battle against the drug. Leaves behind his parents, a sister,two brothers,nieces,nephews , his son & daughter and many,many
friends who love and miss him so much.  The struggling is over, you
can now rest peacefully.


Kerry Mckenna Scranton, PA 05/17/72 06/27/06 Words will never express the sorrow felt with the loss of my Brother.
Eddie X.   39 yrs old 04/15/06 He was a great friend,. brother, husband ,dad and son. we miss him more than words can say 
John R Hampton     07/27/06
sadly missed by everyone who knew him
the drugs got the best of him but i will never forget the best of him with out the drugs
Michael Gilligan Ontario Canada 16 yrs old   We lost Mike F. last year, and now Mike G. When are we going to learn?! You will never be forgotten, we love you
Sharon Taylor   12/1954 10/2004 No one should have to take a loved one's pulse every night before bed worried they may die of overdose in their sleep. Each time you reach for a pill, take a long look at a cemetary plot..imagine you may be one step closer each time. No one is immortal on this planet, the end can come in something that is supposed to help...Thank you.
James Polychronopoulos Queens, NY 8/31/76 6-6-06 I have heard of this drug oxycontin from the streets and know of how attainable it is. It is extremely scary how all of these perscription pills are sold off the market. They are hurting and killing people everyday.
Dustin Springfield OH 27 yrs old 9-5-06 Had his entire life a head of him. Forever missed, always keep it real.
Andrew Lewis Hoy Spokane WA 18 yrs old 06/27/04 He was a good person and I will let his memory live forever in my heart!!!! I want him to remembered and I want him to know I loved him and will until we are reunited in heaven!...Heather
Spencer Pollock Pines CA 18 yrs old 11/03 Died thanksgiving day  2003 after taking one oxycontin.
Brian Scott Truett Hamilton OH 33 yrs old 3/6/05 Forever missed and forever in our hearts...
Larry H Benis (Bubba) Crystal River FL 11/14/85 10/09/05
Bubba we miss and love you. Not a day goes by that you're not thought of. Our lives are not the same anymore, I wish I could turn back time but I can't. You are forever in our Hearts.
Love you my son,


Nick D Michigan 05/81 10/05 Will be missed by his family and friends.
Harrison Neal Tulsa, Oklahoma 03/20/89 11/22/06 he will be missed by his friends and family more than he ever realized. we love you harrison and we'll never forget you
Dana Lee Hendrix Seattle, Wa 30 yrs old 12-24-06 married with 4 small children and a man of God
Jon White Missouri 36 yrs old 01/01/07 Loving father and husband leaves behind mother father 3 sisters 1 brother wife and 5 kids,
Regina Goldetsky Canada 16 yrs old  
16-years-old girl was injected with Oxycontin by some thug and died.
No justice in this country Canada will the little girl ever get.


Charlotte Caroline Kepler Omaha NE 18 yrs old 01/17/2007

  We will always have two pieces of our lives missing, you and your sweet baby!  Until we meet again, sister???I will pray for you and to see you once again!


Love Always and Forever

Your One and Only ?Big? Sister



Emily Jackson Arlington Heights, IL. 18 yrs old 08/18/06 There is a huge hole in our lives, and almost a year later it still seems like she was just here, that she will come walking in the front door at any time.  There could not be a greater loss.
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