The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.
Brandon Smith

He left us on May the 15th 2004, my life will never be the same without my baby. I was so proud of him and the man he had become. He went to work everyday and paid his own way in life. He had so many friends, I never heard him speak badly of anyone at anytime. His friends told me all about what kind of man he was and let me tell you now that he was more of man at 23 than I was at 38. Brandon would hug any member of his family, no matter who it was and he would always tell you how much he loved you. He was never a drug user ever. He had a wreck on his four-wheeler and banged him up pretty badly, this happened on a Sunday and he went to work with the pain on Monday and Tuesday, he called me Tuesday night and we were trying to get a driver for his printer, he had apparently gotten two painkillers (oxy-contin) from one of his friends, after he talked to me till about 930 pm he called a couple of friends and the decided to take the painkillers before he went to sleep. My son did not wake up the next mourning. In the days to follow I thought of so many things that I wanted to say to him and now I will never have that chance to say it. I talk to him everyday of my life and I will continue to talk to him till the day I meet with him again. It was so hard to maintain and there has been a few times that I thought of taking my own life. If I didn�t love his mother so much I would have. She gave me the greatest thing I have ever had in my life, our son Brandon Micheal Smith, and I will forever love her. Through out my life Brandon never judged me, and he easily could have, he was always on my side, I will always remember his life, his no fear attitude, his love, his hug, his smile, his kiss, his zest for life, his laugh and I remember how he would get mad at me and tell me that he had to do it his own way. This young man did nothing that you and I have not done, we have all ask another person �do you have some painkillers� and we have taken them. I will never do that again. I LOVE YOU BABY AND I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN and I will see you again

I want to add one more thing,, Brandon�s friends filled his grave to the top, all of them waited to step up and say goodbye. I have never seen or been to a funeral where that happened, it was for Brandon and I know he loved it. They drove his pickup with his four-wheeler in the back to his funeral. So please don�t take other peoples medication, I know we have to get this oxy-contin out of use for minor pains and general practioners. HUG YOUR CHILDREN EVERYDAY AND TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM, TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL,LISTEN TO HOW THEY FEEL, SIT AND CHAT WITH THEM ABOUT ANYTHING, YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO VISIT WITH THEM TOMORROW.






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