The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.
Chad Gardiner
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My Son

   "My Heart" Took his precious life

  I grieve for my son�s brokenness

 The pain is overwhelming

 No answers to be found

 As I lay him in the ground

 In humble heart I pray

 For happiness and a better day

 His father died in January

 The snow so soft and deep

 A peace in the winter of my life

 And the snowflake gentle spirit

 That truly fell in May

The most significant spring

Of my life

So tender and kind a son

Could ever be

Loved this was not enough

To mend a troubled heart

Pain to great to bear

As I stroked his soft brown hair

Touched his face and cried in pain

Last kisses on a sweet sweet face

God took you in his arms

With love beyond belief

In peace now my boy goodbye

With your dad for eternity

I must let you go only here

For the day will come        

When we are near

Those promises I hold dear

For if we believe, we live

My heart, My Son, your Mom

                        Linda Gardiner



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Edward Barbieri, a toxicologist at National Medical Services in Willow
Grove, said anyone can die from it if they chew it or crush it and then take it.