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Rogers Statement � GAO Report on OxyContin


WASHINGTON, D.C. � U.S. Representative Harold �Hal� Rogers (KY-5) issued the following statement regarding the GAO Report to Congress titled, OxyContin Abuse and Diversion and Efforts to Address the Problem:


�OxyContin is a miracle drug for those with severe pain.  However, all too frequently, this miracle drug has fallen into the wrong hands creating addicts out of upstanding citizens and furthering problems among drug abusers.


This report reinforces what I suspected all along:  Purdue Pharma has engaged in highly questionable practices regarding the marketing of OxyContin, leaving a plague of abuse and broken lives in its path.  The GAO report finds that the company distributed videos and advertising in violation of FDA standards and made a number of misleading and unsubstantiated claims.  Coupled with a recent federal finding that Purdue Pharma deliberately misled the federal patent office, I believe the company has chosen to put profits ahead of people and greed ahead of sound patient care.  


Although the report casts a shadow over Purdue Pharma�s marketing practices, it only begins to scratch the surface.  Important questions go unanswered:  Should Purdue Pharma have recognized excessive dumping of OxyContin in areas unable to legitimately support such levels?  After reports of widespread OxyContin abuse appeared in 1999, why did it take the company three years to use their highly detailed data on physician prescribing practices to identify patterns of abuse?  Unfortunately, Purdue Pharma is currently fending off so many lawsuits that the General Accounting Office was prohibited by law from fully delving into the real meat of these and other issues.


It is also clear that the FDA dropped the ball in their initial review of OxyContin by failing to recognize the drugs� potential for widespread abuse.  Without question, I hope the FDA will give any similar medications a more thorough and comprehensive review before allowing it to be prescribed to the public.  I also continue to call on the FDA to limit the prescribing of OxyContin for severe pain only.�




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