The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.
Stephen Rury

The things I will  miss about Stevie Weavie:

Swinging the bat in the living room����..for over an hour looking at himself in the mirror.
Taking twice as long as me to get ready for ANYTHING�.he used more Gel in his hair than any women!
Loving his Dad's cooking. ( I always said that this was his Dad's way of showing love for anyone close to him.)
Thinking that his Sis was the best thing since sliced bread�..which no one would argue with :)
Messy bathroom����.who would have ever thought I would miss this?  Well it would mean he was still here!
No fat or bones on his meat
Love of the perfect tennis shoes :)
Always wanting the new and improved of anything he saw advertised on TV!
Wearing his Dad's stuff��.shoes:)
Putting up with my son Ross.
Love of football..playing it�love of all sports and he was indeed an expert at stats!
Love of junk food from Tom Thumb.
Relationship with pick-up truck
Decorating Sense which he got from his Mom.
Love of animals��.especially Star and Scout
Harry�����..need I say more about this?
His love for his Grand Parents.
Cleaning of the house that brought him great satisfaction.
The Worm Dance��.silly boy :)
His hatred of county music��..only to piss his dad off :)





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Edward Barbieri, a toxicologist at National Medical Services in Willow
Grove, said anyone can die from it if they chew it or crush it and then take it.