The purpose of this site is to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose Oxycontin(Oxy's) it's other ABUSE dangers and the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
   in the memory of Eddie Bisch.

To treat anxiety disorders and for short- term anxiety relief.

Overdose Symptoms:
Coma, confusion, diminished reflexes, sleepiness.
If you suspect an overdose seek medical attention immediately.

More Common Side Effects:
Drowsiness, fatigue, light headedness, loss of muscle coordination.

Less Common Side Effects:
Anxiety, blurred vision, changes in salivation, changes in sex drive, confusion, constipation, depression, difficulty urinating, dizziness, double vision, hallucinations, headache, inability to hold urine, low blood pressure, nausea, over stimulation, seizures, skin rash rage, sleep disturbances, slow heartbeat, slurred speech, tremors dizziness, yellowing of skin and eyes.

Effects from abrupt withdrawal:
Muscle cramps, convulsions, sweating , tremors and vomiting.

Do not take if you are pregnant; Valium increases the risk of birth defects.

Do Not mix this drug with any other drug INCLUDING ALCOHOL.


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OxyContin is a leading treatment for chronic pain, but official fear it may succeed crack cocaine on the street ...
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Edward Barbieri, a toxicologist at National Medical Services in Willow
Grove, said anyone can die from it if they chew it or crush it and then take it.